This is the same moon:



R64 is now a R16 moon----




It’s the other way around, it’s that the testserver hasnt caught up to the moon changes . . that’s why the SISI one has ores which as you can see were removed from TQ (

before the rebalance, if the moon was R64 then it stayed R64…
Now it complete reroled

That’s very impossible as there is not such thing as an “R64” moon as of many patches ago.

The moons have Ubiquitous, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Exceptional ores in them, some moons may even more than one type.

If you post this in market discussions you might be able to bait more people into buying the stuff you’re trying to offload

Nope, with the rebalance there WAS some rarity changes. They usually stayed the same, but some uncommon moons were added rare materials and some rare moons were changed to uncommon minerals.

But I guess we can expect a las final rebalance when all this bs of the resource redistribution ends.

BTW, still in scarcity phase for 7 months and not a single update or comunication.

BEFORE the rebalance, i am talking now about the very first screenshot in this thread the moon in J-ZYSZ:

Chromite , Coesite , Sylvite , Zircon

after the “rebalance” when the removed all minerals it transformed to:
Chromite , Bitumens , Coesite, Zircon

NOW on testserver, its a complete other stuff:

Cornotite, Immaculate Jaspet, Lustrous Hedgerbite, Scintillating Hemorphite.

no bait… its just CCP again doing importan ingamestuff with informing the community like with the bu ll sh it drifter attack or the ore anomaly nerf…

I thought the test server used a different random seed to prevent people from scouting moons on the test server and then using that information on the live server.

if it is so… why then people can “testkill” structures on testservers, watch what is dropping and then killing it on live server?

The random seed used to generate moon contents and the copying of structures are separate systems. That structures were not sanitized is something I’d call a misstep, but having made one mistake doesn’t imply making every mistake.

Some time ago they’d made a specific point about the random distribution being different on the two servers. I have not monitored the situation with enough attention to know if that was ever changed, but it seems prudent to verify that it was before relying on moon distributions on test server as a predictor of future events.

FWIW, the latest mirror did sanitize structure contents to avoid intel gathering on possible inventory drops; they asset safety everything out of upwells to a designated station now as part of the mirroring process.

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