More Annoying than BONG sound. Wow ccp wth?


QA. Quality Assurance
Its more than just finding bugs and exploits and such.

An important aspect to QA is freaking QUALITY ASSURANCE lol

This seem like a QUALITY addition to the game ccp?

Please can you make it BONG GONG BONG with each 0% rat standing increase too?



stealth ratting nerf confirmed.
can’t be bothered to balance fighters or bounty payouts, no problem. just make ratting so annoying with the standings updates that no one wants to do it.

or, y’know, spend 30 seconds and check your notification settings and turn it off.


Why should I have to turn it off?

I WANT to know when standings change.

I WANT that notification.

But when it “decreased by -0.0”

Yeah i probably dont need to have that ■■■■ spammed to me.

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Well, why not suggest a sliding scale notification bar or threshold setting?

And the reality is, you probably ate losing 0.012546 or the like standing with each kill. It’s small because you already have such low standings with guerista that each loss minimal.

exactly! LOL

EVE has sound?


Right there on your screenshot there’s a gearwheel you can click and in that options menu you can adjust what notifies you, and there’s a really easy checkbox to have it all off. No problem.

I still cant believe this decision made it out of a meeting with approval.

Wtf is going on at ccp the past 5-7 years?

Such shame and saddness

@ISD_Sakimura And another 1-year necro.