More citadel interiors and other tweaks

Citadel interiors look great but should be different across the different types.

Citadels - Same as current

Engineering Complexes - Should show primarily industrial haulers going by along with some sleek labs and manufacturing lines in the distance.

Refineries - Mostly mining ships going by, occasional rorqual in the XL versions. Refinery theme with ore grinders and fire pits.

Other tweaks are citadels go back to looking ‘normal’ when only in the new shield vulnerable state. The undocking rings no longer appear orange until in the armor (or structure) timer.

1st reinforcement timer for armor = slowly flashing orange lights below your ships landing pad.

last reenforcement timer on hull = slowly flashing red lights below your ships landing pads. Lighting is decreased and now orange light bathes your hanger for the duration of the timer. You can hear faint alarms going off in the ambient noise.

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