More filters for Industry panel

There’s need in having more filtering options for facilities tab of industry panel (Alt-S).

Can we please also get an option to change delivery location if the delivery location does not provide enough space, or have the industry window check whether the delivery location has enough space for the items before we submit the job?

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if the can is out of space, you can contract it to an alt, or otherwise move it out of the item hangar it’s located in. This will cause the job to deliver to the toplevel hangar.

@OP, what more do you want as filtering options? You can already filter by activity, range, name, indexes, tax rates, EVERYTHING in the facilities tab is a sort by label. Sorry, but can you at least be more useful by expounding on WHAT you want added to filter by?

Or repackage the container, yes, I know. But why should I have to do that?

Regarding the filters: Yes, and where? The groups filter in the Blueprints tab seems to be pretty comprehensive to sort a location for all sorts of things.
The Facilities tab, however, could use more granular filters, for instance Current Constellation is missing in the range filters. A facility type filter could also be interesting.

Another necessary filter for the facilities tab would be a filter specific activity filter, like Biochemical, Intermediate, Composite, Infrastructure Upgrades, Implants, etc.

It is incredible frustrating to look for a facility that supports biochemical reactions or is rigged for specific production purpose.

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