More skill hungry ( battle - )ships - more impact/benefits please - pirate ships>marauders :((

Dear Devs and Community,

I realized that its easier to do missions and general pve in pirate ships like machariel or rattlesnake rather than with a marauder. Which makes marauders useless. After the last update/expansion I can even relax dual boxing level 4s with 2 rattlesnakes/machariels as alpha with full alpha skills !!. I would like to see marauders boosted making them something like carriers for high sec space or t3 battleships . A specialized marauder fighters or 3-4 only marauder subsystems would be nice. Thank you


Marauders are not explicitly PvE ships. Devoting developer resources to balancing Marauders based on what ships get used for hisec missions is, frankly, ridiculous.

Not saying Marauders couldn’t do with some looking at by the devs, just that your reason here isn’t particularly good. The game certainly does not need to make ISK easier to farm in hisec.


Marauders useless, eh? A Golem can tank the end of time. Apparently you’ve never seen videos of a single Golem taking on 20 players at once…


The tractor beam bonus is key in those 20 man fights!


Too bad most of the isk is not made doing pve highsec…


As was said below, Marauders are very useful, they can be used both in mission running earning lots of isk.

And it can also be used in PVP, where just one Marauder can withstand the onslaught of many ships.

ISK Farm does not come from ships but from missions etc. , my point being its easier to do missions with a machariel/rattlesnake - faster warp time and same damage or even better damage than a marauder. Either boost marauders or nerf pirate ships so marauders can become like t3 cruisers in terms of versatility and achievement.


I make 50-60m per mission in like 15min per level 4 mission in high sec. Silence the Informant or Enemies Abound Series for example…


I’m rather certain that my overall point was that balancing ship classes based on their use in hisec PvE is a comically misguided endeavor.

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And no one is asking him how he is dual-boxing alpha accounts? Allright.


Take a HINT:



Marauders have a few issues going for them. They cost way more than they should barring them from seeing regular pvp, their roles need to be revisited as they are outdated and are super situational, and bastion is a cool feature making them like mini dreads but once again no RR’s keeps them out of pvp and incursions. It is really sad that CCP wasted this much time making a tech 2 battleship hull that is the equivalent of a trophy case for pve mission runners.

P.S. Salvage isn’t worth enough to justify ever buying a marauder for missions. And even if you do salvage drones and corps like Pro Synergy makes you wonder why you want to slow down to do it?


They should be fine if they could use other modules beside bastion,something that don’t promote standing still and smashing booster every once in a while until you finish killing npc rat(of every kind) or until you run out of cap.

Module that is based on mobility(warp/impulse) and scanning to make em hunters/roamers as option

Another one would be focused around booster/logi combo…ewar could be another option etc.

In my eyes current iteration is miserably bad in all truth i very much dislike it ships lost some core pvp ability’s like bonuses to webs, from fairly nimble and fast(for a battleship) vargur got turned into immobile pig they all lost drone bay and bandwith just so you can self tackle and solo sleeper sites and a like…total failure of vision only reason these ships are used in pvp is they went from
"single light ecm drone can stop army of marauders"
"total ewar immunity look ma i’m tanking a planet".

Lame town of Lame.

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I use marauders for their high tank for me their role is clear and price is justified


I find you calling my marauders useless offensive, having flow both I find marauders superior in terms of applied dps and tank aswell as anti Ewar, my mach, vindi, rattle, and all that still get jammed, and while a rattle drones will keep going they can be shot. I have a golem, a paladin, a vargur. My golem is an unstable tank with a dps that 1 vollies anything from frig to bc, my vargur is 1 shotting BCs with a single 1400mm cannon, and my paladin does heavy dps at 80+ while perma tanking during my disconnects


That was sarcasm from our end, silly.

since when

Dual with a friend - if you are a carebear/pve today you can let your sub expire if you have maxed out alpha skills since you fall to 20m SP and with full alpha skills dual high/lowsec easily

i meant the dual boxing part
you cant do that as alpha afaik

just use you computer and laptop?