Ridiculous imbalance between missions and combat sites in rewards in high sec

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That is not true. If L4 missions, even vs faction ships, would give you 55 milions in 5 minutes, no one do anything else for ISK generation. With all warping, looting, shooting etc you are good if you get 55 milions per hour, not per 5 minutes.

If you are lucky with burner missions, you can get more, much more, but still not 12 x 55 = 660 milions per hour. For short amount of time you can focus on blitzing, to get about 100 milions per hour, but than you will have slow time to get your standings back.

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Incorrect. I do all my PVE in lowsec and never lose ships. Get gud. o7

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Isn’t the point of combat sites not their bounties but rather the chance for them to drop nice faction loot?

I remember once or twice picking up a 125 mil Slave implant running Sansha Hideaways in a frigate when I was first starting out.

(Eternal Montage) #11

Sactly, I remember getting a 300m hg snake implant in an escalation from a Serpentis den. HS exploration is about rolling the dice. Maybe you get less than you would doing missions or maybe you get more. I feel like it’s balanced.

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Why should level 4 missions give not give more payout then exploration sites, in highsec?
Why do you believe a “true PVE player” will stay in highsec? He wants to make isk right? That isnt really done in highsec. He would search out either mining, incursion or ratting in Nullsec or Wormholes, because thats where the isk is at and thats where the biggest PVE corp/alliance branches are. Thats where the “true PVE player” wants to be, not in highsec.

Highsec is not ment to retain players or ment for people to only stay there. Its ment to give you a brief introduction to Eve, give you some basic experiences (missions and exploration sites) and then “force” you out of there, to lowsec, nullsec or wormholes, if you want to make real isk or pvp.
Thats why highsec payouts are so crap and ganking is so easy, compared to the rest of eve. Its basically a huge tutorial area for people to learn the game before actually playing the game.

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from another thread…

ccp should really do something but not with the combat sites. :wink:

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combat sites are correlated with system sec status. want better sites, go lower sec. it’s just how they work. And as someone else said they can be very streaky, as they rely heavily on RNG for drops/escalations.

indeed, most of those missions are more like 10-20 mins and/or pay out less than 35-55mil. Enemies abound was one of the best mission chains pre burners, could easily beat 100mil/hr. and with Caldari at t5 and consuming a ton of tags it is probably paying out even more right now. But I’d guess burners still pay more, and I cba to loot so I’m not going to start running it again.

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There is just so much wrong in this I don’t even know where to start.

Probably the most important aspect is the ‘Forcing’ players to go to low / null / w-hole space. Sorry bud but nobody ‘Forces’ anyone to do something in his game.

I’m a ‘true PvE player’ and for most of my 10 yrs playing this game I’ve stayed in high sec space doing missions and exploration. Now I’m not super space rich, total net worth is over 67 bill ISK, but I do have a very large stockpile of Faction / Deadspace loot and have quite a few of my ships bling fit.

Anyway, I agree with the OP, high sec combat sites need their RNG loot tables buffed a bit. If players are lucky, 10 out of 30 wrecks may contain loot. Out of those 10 wrecks, maybe 4 wrecks will contain something other than Metal Scraps. The constant nerfing of loot drops, site spawn and RNG escalation table will be the death of exploration.

CCP has soured that content for far too long now. It’s high time that content got some sugar. Commander NPC’s at Anomaly sites should spawn more frequently. Escalations from both Anomaly and Signature sites should be generated a lot more often as well as roll out to 4th stage a lot more than they currently do…

(Hipqo) #16

So because you made 67b in 10 years, in highsec, you feel space rich? lol, you arent space rich my friend, you have pocket change :wink: You cant even buy ten supers with that kind of isk!

The “forcing” part is not ment as actual forcing, its a gameplay mechanic. Highsec is not the place to make massive amount of isk or do “end game PVE”.
Its entry level PVE and pocket change. Except for incursions maybe hehe, they have decent payouts. So if you want more, the game “forces” you to leave highsec. Thats what i ment. You have free will ofc, but you wont get space rich in highsec, unless you do incursions or station trading 24/7. Or save for 10 years like yourself :wink:

Had you been in nullsec, farming for 10 years, you would have closer to 670b isk. Its not difficult to make more then 30b a month, with intensive nullsec farming/exploring DeD sites.

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try blowing up the structures they contain loot like bpcs and deadspace drops and so what if the escalations are in lowsec just go in a cheap ship if you are scared like a baby

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It is not about being “scared like a baby”. It is about doing what you want to do , when you want to do. In high sec you have much better chance to PvE, not interrupted by sudden PvP. I mean, if I am in no mood for PvP, but still want to do something meaningfull in my space ship, I can find calm pocket with L4 level agent in high sec and run PvE uncontested all day long. No need to stress with D-scan, dock everytime local spikes etc… Different playstyle, you know, more relaxed.

(Eternal Montage) #19

This is true but you make it sound like low/null is a constant parade of hostile interruptions. It isn’t. The problem with highsec bears is they assume low/null is just chaos. I’ve done L5s for 12 hours straight without interruption. I used to run 6/10 Crimson Hand Supply Depots in Genesis and I was never ganked and very rarely probed. Besieged Covert Research Facilities for hours. Burners, where the rat is more dangerous than any threat of pvp.

I don’t want to force anyone out of highsec. By all means you guys can stay there, have a ball. More lowsec for me. However, I have to say emphatically that you don’t know what you’re missing out on, there are quiet corners of lowsec/null where you can blast isk into your wallet with impunity.

I get it, I like to go to highsec every now and again and do some missions/dedsites with eyes half open. But on Saturday morning when you have that glint in your eye, you’re just wasting your potential, and the game’s potential.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #20

Don’t tell anyone! Let them dwell in HS. Don’t make them come to “my” quiet System.

(Anderson Geten) #21

every time I tried to make escalation from HS to LS, I was scanned/warped to. People told me “lol I dropped this” (while I knew what was the drop) when I warped out, brought in carriers, tried to hide on the next gate.
Some escalations take a lot of time to do.

Now there is no way I would do the escalation in LS, especially since the loot is not better than in HS (it’s crap). I mean, different experiences … and of course I had to use a drake for that escalation, because rats with very high DPS, not even a blinged thing.

Back to the thread,

if loot chances were to raise, then the price of their items would decrease.
Prices are driven by supply and need for those items.
The only thing that can increase the value of HS combat sites is, by adding specific items to those sites. But in the end, those sites loot value will remain very low, because very easy to do, so the supply would still be high.

So, this idea is absurd.

However, what CCP can do is increase the OPE value.

(Sugar Smacks) #22

Since I do all these activitys you quote I will happily give my opinion.

First what you are experiencing isn’t low end combat site rewards they are just fine, and I myself can say a week or two ago I got a mid-grade slave Omega from a faction rat at the end of a serpentis den. It wasn’t in the escalation, it was in the den, yes I got a hisec escalation from that site too.

Second it is obvious your profession is burner missions and nothing else. The reason you can just say no a million times until the burner mission you want comes up, and worry little about repairing it, this is all because the current system is broken. No its not broken in a bad way, its actually broken in your favor, however it is still broken. The fact you don’t have to worry about your faction standing in relation to getting a burner mission is broken and eventually someone will do something.

(Eternal Montage) #23

HS to LS escalations always send you to the most dangerous systems. If you get an escalation from a site in LS it will either send you somewhere random or to a Null entry system which will also be dangerous. Escalations in Null on the other hand will typically just send you somewhere random, often within friendly territory. Escalations are not the thing to do in lowsec. Like I mentioned L5s, 6/10s, Burners, and Besieged sites are what you want to do in low.

This relates to the topic at hand because what I’m trying to say is that loot tables are fine (I agree with you), and if OP wants better exploration rewards, they’ll have to venture out into the wild yonder. The only thing I personally think should be buffed/reworked is escalation spawns and locations themselves. The loot tables are find though, I agree with you there.

(Anderson Geten) #24

or maybe this proves you don’t know what you are talking about.
If I could only do agent angel/sansha in my system I would make more like 500M/h.

(Eternal Montage) #25

Declines don’t hit faction standing too hard. They hit corp and agent standing.

(Ricky F Digits) #26

That’s funny…so LS escalations aren’t worth it you say…it always sends me somewhere scary he says…how bout learn how to operate in LS so it isn’t so scary. I love a good lowsec escalation as the site is only able to be scanned down by combat probes and you get tons of advanced warning…just warp off and they can’t find it. Sure some will camp you for a bit…but they always get bored and leave or go about doing whatever they were doing before you got there. You can also sit cloaked for a bit while they look and that will buy you more time as they will realize your cloaked and assume you were there to gank someone yourself. HS honestly sucks for PvE compared to LS or NS as the good pay outs are so few unless you run burners.

(Sugar Smacks) #27

That’s the point though, the fact you can let your corporation standings go to almost anything and because of faction standings being high you can still access the missions.

Once you have high faction standings it gives you the ability to basically spam the missions to a very unfair extent before you ever need to worry about repairing corporation standings.

They either need to make faction standings not exclusively let you access level 4 missions or they need to make the odds of accessing a burner mission go down with lower standings to the corporation you are asking.