Most expensive pod killed?

Does anyone know? I blapped a 3b pod today and feel very good. I’m just wondering how it compares to the top pod kills.

I think the highest I’ve seen is ~10bil, looks like you can go higher but not sure anyone would put all those in the same pod.

1-6: full HG ascendancy implants ~7.5bil,

7-8: I’ll let you look up something for those.

9: Pashan’s Turret Customization Mindlink is ~4 bil

10: Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1008 is ~3bil

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I’ve seen a 10b pod on minerbumping before, I can’t remember which post though, it was a while back.

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that slave epsilon bothers me…

the actual kb of the 14.22B pod

Swear PvPers salty tears whine about “Care bears loosing pixel ships and its nothing” as if implying a pixel ship has no value; time, money (subscription), investment (skillpoints), or isk. Would that not imply a pod has zero value? Why not just blow ■■■■ up for the sake of blowing ■■■■ up instead of rubbing one out cause you got a hard one for pixels and bytes.

looks like someone lost something shiny

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