Most TRUSTED Citadels in New Eden?

I am looking for everyones opinion on what Citadels are the most trustworthy in Eve.

Please provide a reason why you chose what you did.

If real life ever forces me to go away for a couple of years, I would like to know my clones will be safe in some very trusted Citadels.

I would try to move all of my clones to an NPC station of course, but I’ve heard stories of citadels just shutting down and people losing assets, this is why I am asking my question.

Thank you for your time. o/

Remember the problem of citadels can be destroyed. Myself use mainly jita NPC statios, kisogo and maurasi as clone NPC bases in high sec.

I am 100% aware of the consequences of storing clones/assets in a citadel, this is not why I made this post.

I made this post to learn about trusted Citadels.

The ones you put up yourself.


Then normally IchooseYou statiosn i think. Good luck

This is a good point Linus, but I personally would never be able to defend a Citadel I put up myself if someone decided to attack it.

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