Mouse scrollwheel inverted on 3d interactions

if properly setup the scrollwheel/natural touch will behave just like on windows on 2dimentional objects.
such as
hangar windows, markets mails … (anything that has a scrollbar really)

but when inteacting with 3d space like space itself, eg. panning and zooming using the wheel, or zooming your ship while in a Station, or just resizing the probe scanner view … the controls are inverted.

which is extremly distracting if one uses a mac and a windows computer with shared input.

settings > camera > invert zoom direction

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oups, my apologizes, this clearly isnt a bug … thanks … no clue how this got turned on.

i think it used to be permanently inverted, and when they added the toggle switch they defaulted the switch to checked?

that could be a possibility since my mac client has a much longer lifetime as the other ones.

i use sharemouse so i just use one mouse/keyboard and was constantly confused by this difference haha

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