Mouse stutter after Sonoma update

So right after updating to macOS Sonoma I’m feeling like the mouse is glitched. I’m playing on 120hz and mouse pointer was always smooth before. After the update, whenever I’m dragging something, be it a window or panning around, my mouse pointer stutters. Overall, smoothness of the game somehow reduced. Maybe it’s because EVE is still not triggering Game Mode and Sonoma doesn’t handle it properly. We need a patch, cause this is now a pretty annoying experience to play on macOS.

Your post is now 10 day old. Did the behavior of your mouse improve?

Nop, nothing has changed and it’s still the same. Since macOS Sonoma update EVE has been overall less smooth and presenting very significant mouse stutter on any kind of dragging - item, window, ship panning. This also translates into stuttering overall when panning around your ship, because mouse is stuttering… Game mode does not trigger on launch as well. It was butter smooth for me before macOS Sonoma.

However, when not dragging anything, mouse pointer moves smoothly. It’s really just when you move the mouse when clicked.

I dared to update to Sonoma 1 day after my post/question. Luckily I observed not problems at all. Do you use a USB mouse or BT/WLAN (2.4 GHz)? Ichave Eve set to my monitors refresh rate which is 60 Hz.

The issue is there and is very disturbing for me. However, it is more visible with fps fluctuations. The lower the fps, the more the pointer stutters when moving it while clicked. In my case, 120hz, 1000hz mouse polling and OLED means massive pointer stutter when fps drops and moving it when clicked, panning, moving windows, items. I just hope CCP sticks to the promise of maintaining a proper native macOS client. I have a feeling that this will get fixed when they finally make EVE register itself as a game and trigger game mode. That is especially overdue.

Really strange. The OLED you use is a OLED TV? If yes, does it have a game mode? Try it. You could also test a normal RGB monitor if you have access to one.
Did you test diferent resolutions, window mode etc…
Monitor cable is ok

Just some ideas to help you.

Don’t sweat it, it’s isolated just to the EVE macOS client. Everything else is perfectly fine, no issues with any other games or macOS software, EVE on GeForce Now or a W11 desktop connected to the same gear. Ironically, even GeForce Now triggers Game Mode.

CCP, please support your macOS client.


  1. Mouse stutter is only present when panning around your ship or dragging windows.
  2. Mouse pointer is smooth and works fine when resizing some (i.e. skills) windows or elements within windows
  3. FPS affects the stutter: lower fps = more stutter

I really hope you guys will fix this and get game mode implemented soon :slight_smile:

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