Mouse stuttering/lag

Frequent mouse stutterring/lag occuring every couple of minutes.
Only happens with Eve.

Video of it happening: mouse stutter - YouTube

How is the memory usage while this is occurring?
Is anything else lagging when this occurs?
Have you tried closing any third party application you may have running in the background to see if that affects this?

I would make sure:
You are not running out of memory.
The computer is not running hot.
You have the latest graphic driver installed for your graphic card.

If none of the above is a causing the issue for you I would create a loglite file and then a support ticket and attach the loglite to the ticket.

The tool might be able to help us figure out what is causing the stutter for you, if it’s being caused by the game and not something else on your computer.

try this, this is what I did to just fix that issue I’ve been having for months now:

go to your device manager and under display adapters right click on your adapter and click uninstall.
When prompted DO NOT check “delete driver software for this device”

once that happens your screen will go black and your computer will try to reinstall the device for you. Don’t worry it will. Then once your screen is back up and running just restart your computer and Hopefully that resolves the issue.

ALSO make sure your video card drivers are up to date before doing this. It will help. Once that is done if it continues not to work run eve log lite and then submit a ticket to them.

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