Mouse lag makes EVE unplayable on new PC

So i’m trying to get back into playing EVE Online but am having some serious mouse lag when opening, and during the game. This lag makes EVE unplayable for me. I’ve messed around in the settings, setting them to high, medium, low and nothing helps. It is a custom build PC with a 3060 TI and shouldn’t have any issue running this game on high graphic settings.

Previously, I played this game on my laptop (low settings) and never experienced any issues. I also do not experience any issues when playing other games. Other than the mouse lag, everything works fine. There is no screen lag what so ever and it looks amazing, but like I said, the mouse makes it unplayable.

I’ve tried researching the issue on Google but there were no solutions, was hoping that maybe someone on here had a similar issue or has an idea of how to fix. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

When i was using a wireless mouse, i experience some lag, but once i went back to wired, no lag… idk if you are using a wireless but you may wanna switch to a wired.

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