Move the hack mini-game server to AWS or player's local, may astero die in ghost site because of high net lag

EVE players from all over the world and all players need to connect the same server.
usually, there is no problem, because the tick rate is 1HZ, players will not feel anything if they have less than 1000ms lag.
but in the hacking mini-game. hackers need hack this site in 2 or 1min ( i die at 70 seconds)

I die twice [1] [2]

In the first, I hack failure because I click an unknown node three times, the first click the unknown node comes to an Anti-Virus node ( the cube) then click this Anti-Virus node twice, I die.
I think this is my fault, maybe my computer is too lazy to tell me this node already became Anti-Virus node.

In the second time, I don’t have enough time to open one cargo, I died 70 seconds after warp in.

I find some videos to prove this.

[video below]

This is not fair to all players.

medium lag this player has medium lag, he clicks a unknow node then wait less than one second to make sure the unknown node is not a virus.

hight lag this player has hight lag, he is very careful but if he is running a ghost site. he will die.

low lag she has low lag, so she can hack 2 cargo safely, but then she die because greedy

Moving the hacking minigame to the client would make it susceptible to hacking (no pun intended) so that’s out.

Moving it to AWS would very likely increase latency so that’s out too.

Personally, I think ghost sites are fine as they are but always happy to hear good suggestions (the above two are not, IMHO).

You died because someone else triggered the timer before you. I do that every now and then when I encounter those sites. :wink:

Lag and abysmal performance, however, are a problem. In particular with 1 or more restoration nodes on the grid the minigame performance goes down the drain with every click.

I agree that mini game is very tedious. Especially when you have 30s to hack it (standard sleeper).

for ghost sites : don’t do them in astero.

45k ehp buffer tank stratios with RAH does the trick for me…I think I’m sitting in the 60s for explo resist. I even had a 30s spell of packetloss on one and when the game caught back up the cans had already exploded and the rats had me…still never hit hull.

AWS have lot of server, player can connect the closest server.

What… I really need to pay attention to.

you don’t need to stop the alarm unit. if alarm unit explodes, there are 4 more cargos to hack within 3min.

if you succeed the alarm you have a pristine can that spawns. You can then fail the nearby defense system several times in order to spawn the

(yes that’s the music that plays in my head EVERY time)

Once the alarm sounds, I go to the tractor, hack it (by the time I reach it the damage stops), hack the other cans.

And the spool-up time for those virtual servers will likely be longer than the ping to the current cluster, unless there are constant requests to keep it warm - for each AWS server in question (multiple times per second).

Web services have very different usage profiles and latency requirements from real-time games. AWS (and all cloud computing in general) is very unlikely to be a good fit for that stuff.

Not to mention that CCP has been trying to reduce maintenance costs, and the solution you advertise would be so complex in practice that it would significantly increase them instead.

TL;DR: I’ve lost mah ship so you need to change the game for me to stop losing ships!


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what you do if you lose your ship in 10/10 DED just because network/power supply issue ?

and what we do in ghost site ?

yes, move mini-game server to cloud server is complex and just maybe solve net lag.

I am ■■■■■■■ my ISP, I am sure they can solve net lag.

You make a ticket. If the issue is on CCP they will reimburse you, minus the dropped items.
if the issue is not their, “unfortunately, it seems there was no issue (…) we can’t reimburse(…) see you next time”

I buy a new ship and try again. I don’t whine on the forums. HTFU.


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