Moving all ships? (SOLVED)

OK. Look in the Top Left corner. It will say where you are.
That is normally in the form of Region/Constellation/System and optionally Station of feature you are near.

Region and System are commonly used. All system names are unique.

Amarr is the name of a System - the system where the Empire of the same name started many centuries ago. As such the corporation may be named “Amarr Navy” but that’s not the same as being in the Amarr system.

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List of NPC corps:

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Oh now i think i understand, thanks you all

As a perfectly serious alternative in future to lugging everything with you, find a reasonably big hub to base out of where the agents and facilities you want are local, then only take the ships out that you need.

I run out of Amarr that way - I do a lot of industrial work so being at the main market is useful, and most mission agents I want are within a few jumps. Park your mission ship and run back and forth in something small and fast as you need.

So saying, I’ve junk and rubbish halfway across Domain waiting from me to do a collection run back to Amarr for sale or re-processing.

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@Terak_Romaller I moved all myself yesterday, it taked me 5 hours, but next time i’ll use a hauler, thanks.

I find hauling tedious.
Though strangely I like Mining.

Glad the move went smoothly though - and, yeah, pay someone else to be bored.

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I was seeing anime while the ships move so np haha

Don’t use autopilot. It’s an indication to gankers that you aren’t paying attention.
And keep half an eye on what is going on.
Situational awareness is your friend.

Most of the people you see here complaining about banking got caught not being careful.
Hi-sec means “Concord will punish miscreants” not “Concord will save you”.

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thanks for the tip, i was using autopilot but i’ll don’t use it anymore :slight_smile:

Can I suggest joining Eve-University corp. They will coach you, answer all your questions, look after you until you feel confident enough. All these questions would have been answered without the time lag.

Just a thought

link, please, or is in game?

What on earth did you have to move - as a new player - that it was worth so much time? The basic ships you get for doing the five Career Agents in a system are ships, granted, but they’re not the priceless gold and silver of the Americas that have to get back to Spain! As someone else said it would have been better to sell some and only keep a couple. My latest new character only kept the destroyer and one of the small cargo ships, for example. The rest I either sold by checking where close by I could get a good price or reprocessed for materials to sell.

But it does mean you weren’t shortchanged selling them, ofc. :wink:

If you click “sell” on an item you’ll usually be offered the highest buy order someone has in station, which might seem like quick cash, but it’s often not what you could get for moving the hulls a few jumps. So click “market details” instead and check if someone offers more - if you’re near a Faction Warfare hub, for example, there’s always some demand for those basic frigates. Your newbie cargo ship with a couple cargo bay mods can carry two packed frigates, so a few trips at most (and sell the cargo ship too - you should have received two?). Then you can pack your destroyer and the guns/mods for it and move for good. Even this house cleaning is scoffed at by ISK/hr veterans, but it takes a lot less time than moving everything, you get some little extra cash and an idea of how the market works.

One question, Can i use autopilot if i can’t find the path?

thanks for the tip, i’ll do it next tima haha

i’ll try thanks

Yes, you can set it and leave it deactivated, and simply follow the yellow gates. Or you can activate it and still fly manually, and when you have something to do in RL can you simply let the auto-pilot take over.

Also, don’t give too much to this “don’t use AP” nonsense. It’s ok to use the auto-pilot. Just don’t fly on AP with your pod or some pilots pod-kill you for laughs, and don’t haul expensive stuff, because some will attack you for it regardless of the consequences. The AP only makes it a little easier for the later group (aka “gankers”), but you’re really fine with using the AP when you don’t want to fly every jump manually and have little of value with you.

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ok thanks

@Whitehound is one of the good guys here.
I may disagree with him over details, but I’ll normally listen to what he says.
My no-AP is probably because I’m more risk adverse.

The autopilot issue is that it drops out of warp 10km from the Jumpgate and slow boats there. It rather advertises that you may not be paying attention, and gives a window of opportunity to an attacker.

I didn’t see it mentioned, so I’ll provide another option for hauling - one I generally prefer over *frog services (which are good, don’t get me wrong). It’s usually my go-to when I’ve got goods that alliance logistics hauled to the nearest highsec station and I want to get them to market.

To speak on what @whitehound and @Terak_Romaller are talking about, highsec isn’t “safe”. It’s just a place where people will lose their ships if they attack you… which they will. Sometimes it’s just for fun, and if it’s profitable (which is pretty easy to do) you can be assured of it.

PushX is another perfectly viable option. They do do rush jobs and smaller volumes in DSTs - I have used them, and it all ran smoothly, but my main hauling works was more suited to the Frog.

Yes. High Security space isn’t “safe” just that crimes will be punished rapidly. You are still on your own and reliant on yourself for your own safety.
It’s a cold, harsh, universe. No one holds your hands.