Help with getting all my ships back at my home station

Dear all,
I recently purchased a ship from a station 11 jumps from my home station, and I went there in my everyday ship to get it. I then realised that I could only fly back in one of them, and that I had to leave one behind at the station (given a security rating of 0.3 so I was worried about doing so). Is there a way that I could bring both of my ships back to my home station?

Astro Gemulus

right click your ship while in station. Select “leave ship”. then undock in your pod and fly to the other station, dock and go to your inventory and make the new ship active.
Fly the new ship home.

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Or the more expensive way of doing it; Open your Assets window (ALT+T) find your ship in the list, right-click > put into Asset Safety, then you wait 20 days and your ship will magically be transported from it’s location to the nearest lowsec system, 1 jump away from highsec, where you will then be able to pick it up but at a cost to reclaim from asset safety, which is 15%.

ASSET SAFETY does NOT work for NPC Stations. It can ONLY be activated if the “assets” are in an Upwell Structure like, Citadel, Engineering Complex or Refinery.

This feature is most useful if you have stuff out in deep null and don’t mind the cost to get it released from Asset Safety.

You can also do this, but buy a cheap shuttle to fly faster than your pod, they’re disposable.

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There are a fair number of ways to move ships. The right way depends upon your situation and resources. For instance, you can slow boat them one at a time. Depending on ship type and location this may be risky - for instance you may not want to fly a freighter through lowsec. If you have access to a carrier (i think dreads have sma too now) you could jump them out. You could also repackage them and put them in a jump freighter. You could also use an orca or a bowhead. Depending upon the ship types involved this can be an easy process or a long white knuckle sort of thing. Often it is just better to sell everything in place and buy new at your new home.

Just fly there in the pod or use a shuttle or a rookie-ship

Obviously an old thread, but you have to consider these bargains are traps.
They want to lure inexperienced players through Lowsec choke point systems for some fun to kill slow and barely fitted mining barges or battleships by offering cheap ships in popular regions. So you think you save some 5m ISK, but in fact you pay the ISK and get ganked after.

Good luck with your shiny purchase…

Maybe wait in the system where the ship is and scan for a HS wormhole?

I’m not clear what you mean when you say “0.3 security”. If you are talking about the system, that is low sec and can be quite dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. But there is no issue with you leaving a ship docked in such a system. In time you will end up with assets scattered all over Eve as you move around.

If you’re talking about your own personal security rating, 0.3 is sound.

Onto the problem, as reply one stated, you can leave your current ship in your ‘home’ station and just appear in you pod and then fly to the station where your new purchase is to pick it up.

However, if you are going into low sec, it is best to wrap your pod in a cheap ship, that you can abandon when you get there. The ideal ship is a shuttle, these cost around 20K isk (be careful of overpriced scams), but make sure you are buying it from either your home station or a high sec station that you can reach or you will have the same problem all over again. The advantages the shuttle gives over a pod is faster align time, warp speed, slow boat speed and general agility. Plus it has to be destroyed first, before they can get your pod. In addition the packaged size of a shuttle is only 500m and it will fit in a lot of ships cargo bays if you repackage it so you don’t have to actually dispose of it. If it doesn’t fit in the cargo bay, you might be able to reprocess and bring out the valuable minerals instead. Alternatively you can leave it on a sales order or just scrap it, but it doesn’t hurt to leave shuttles scattered about low sec systems, one day you might lose your ship near it and it will come in useful.

If you can’t get hold of a shuttle easily, use a noob ship. To get one if you don’t already have one available, simply undock in your pod and dock in another station where you currently have no ships. A noobship will be spawned for you. Note you will have to open your hanger window and board it. Noobships aren’t as fast or agile as shuttles, but do have a much larger cargohold if you need to carry some fittings for your other ship. But if it is in low sec, only carry cheap fittings that will assist in the movement of that ship, such as prop and agility mods, maybe a damage control, and fit it up properly when you get back to high sec. Don’t take an expensive implant laden pod into low sec if you don’t know what you are doing.

Certain low sec systems are regularly camped, typically ones that are choke points from high sec. Tama, Rancer, Amamake, Old Man Star and Huola in particular are systems you should avoid if you don’t know what you are doing.

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