MTU More Visible Please Help

I’m having a lot of issues leaving the MTU behind in Abyssals and other un-recoverable locations. It gets easily mixed up with all the other stuff on the overview and I forget its there.

Is there a way to color code the MTU so it shows up with a green background or something on the overview? Im looking for some way to make it stand out on the overview. Can I have it pinned to the top of the list so it doesn’t get left behind by mistake and really pops on the overview?

Why don’t you just save the location , then when you go for pickup just approach the saved location?

You cant in abyssal or very aggro locations where you have to leave but forget to pick it up. Thats easy, I would not have asked this if I was forgetting it in places where I could return.

What about creating overview tab just for deployables?

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Yeah I have that but that’s would be a whole different tab. I’m guessing there is no way to do this? I have a “LOOT” tab but thats for L4 missions with lots of wrecks.

Ive got like 5 different tabs and Im sure Im lazy as there are pilots with even more tabs than me…:wink: I meant create brand new tab which shows only deployables, no wrecks or anything else.

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Right, if I remember to look at the tab then I would get the MTU. The point is to have it on the combat overview but highly visible, green to you cant miss it.

Maybe try adding a flashing banner to corp mates and/or a blinking icon. In abyssal the only corpmate is you yourself (unless you do the coop abyssals with corpmates that is) and the only things that will show up with this corpmate marking are your drones and deployables, though could get quite irritating with the drones so maybe just a non-flashing banner would be better.

Not entirely sure how this can be done but the overview default has the blinking icons for criminals and suspects and has the flashing and regular banners for various types of criminal status so it should be doable.

That is what I would like, to have a flashing banner or icon for deployable but no idea how to do it. I tried about 10 different things and nothing worked.

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