Mul-Zatah Monastery Advice

I tried a Arbitrator with HAMs on this site, but I keep getting my butt kicked. I’ve sometimes joined 3 corpmates in battlecruisers with my PVE dragoon, but I’m now trying to figure out how to solo this site One of them suggested a Hurricane, not for this site but as a general PVE fit, but I can’t yet use tech II 720 guns. Even if I downgraded to gallium lights, my medium projectile skills are a bit lacking since I started negleting them after trying many times with 220mm Vulcan guns on a Stabber and finding that I need to basically get right up into a target’s butt or I end up missing a lot, So while I technically can fly a Hurricane, I probably can’t use the guns to the maximum potential. Meanwhile I’ve trained a lot into drone skills. I might break out the Infiltrator IIs if I’m confident the rats won’t chew them up.

Use a stratios with Curator sentries.


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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. Hope Curator Is work since I didn’t train higher than that despite focusing on drone skills. You’d think being able to run Infiltrator IIs and Curators Is would mean I could use the better sentry drones.

I’d use faction Curator sentries in that case. They have the same skill requirements but more tank and DPS. You need to pay attention to them regardless because the NPC love to attack them, especially in the last room. With clever placement and moving around, you can trigger the groups in that room individually and avoid getting overwhelmed.

No, you should run a full set of Curators. Mixing drones is not effective.


This site can be run rather easilly - you just need something with good range (sentry drones or heavy missles work well here). Snipe everything from range, in the second room orbit the center out of the web towers range, snipe the target, bookmark the loot, warp out and come back when the site despawns. I would say this 4/10 is quite easy, you can rush it quite effectively…

I used to do it in Navy Omen orbiting structure at 50, killing web towers, then the structure, just dragging whole room. Takes some manual piloting, and lots of time though.

Then I started using Phantasm, enter room 2, drop MTU, kill structure, wait for loot, warpout.

Lazors kill Bloodraiders fast.

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Hey anything that works right? Those towers were sure annoying… 3 Curators I helped a lot

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