Multi ships ratting focus

Does anyone know a trick for the rats to focus on just one of the ratting ships when using more than one?

Life is hard. Living much harder. I was so surprised, that they didn’t just make some button, you could click, which would just give you the money, rather than you having to warp to an asteroid belt and wait for some evil pirates and show them, how incredible your guns are.

How difficult would it be, to give us just three buttons for EVE. The “log in”, “log out”, and the “win” button.

Why do people have to complicate things so much?

Next thing you know, someone adds some sort of artificial intelligent entity, that would behave like a human and chase you within the entire solar system or constellation even. Even through gates.
Or worse, imagine those artificial entities would have some sort of nasty defense, that would be able to eradicate your ratting boat with ease?

The “trick” is, be vigilant in space. Any space. You undock, you agree to be subject to space violence in one form or another.

Or you have to switch tactics a bit and fit in a way that you and your fellow pilots can repair each other the entire time, so it wouldn’t really matter which of you lot gets attacked at any given time.

Many ships can have empty high slots, which could be perfect for this.


Use ewar on the main ratter


Supposedly they would focus more on the ship with the more ewar but I can’t remember of any evidence, and especially not of any practical number.

Just alt tab faster?

Life is not all neat and tidy. Nor is NPC aggro.

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There’s 3 “artificial intelligence” types in eve, classic AI found in missions and belt NPCs, drifter/sleeper AI found in wormhole NPCs, diamond rats and burners, and finally there’s also Abyss AI.

Classic AI will engage targets based on their ship size, prefering targets of their own size. In a cruiser fleet you can create a tank ship by using a larger cruiser. Note that “large”, here, means size and not signature size. The size of a ship is reviewable on the overview if you resize the overview to become wider then it is by default.

Just in case I forgot to mention, this size is not the signature size. Signature size, despite conflicting information on the tooltip of the fitting window, has no influence on sensors, but only affects damage application computations. I.e. whether you have a shield extender or you engage your microwarp or get target painted will not increase your size, but only the signature size, and while you receive more damage under sig-blooming effects, you will not be easier to lock or to combat probe. The Porpoise in the overview has 900m size and 300m sigature size, engaging a microwarp would bloom the signature to 1.5km but the ship size, and therefore NPC preference wouldn’t be affected.

As battleships are larger then cruisers, they will prefer attacking the largest cruiser in the cruiser fleet. Likewise, all frigates will prefer attacking the smallest cruiser. NPCs autolock in 5 seconds independent of player ship size, with the exception of CONCORD ships which lock in 1 second. NPCs have a random chance not to pick the most similar sized player.

Drifter AI automatically aggresses on ship size as the classic AI does, but will change aggression towards ships applying ewar on them. Successfully ECM-ed drifter AI ships are guaranteed to aggress the source of the ECM.

Abyss AI will aggress the closest target independent of size, so putting your tank between the NPCs and the target they’re focusing on will have them refocus on the tank.

Also, some times groups of NPCs work together. Especially drifter AI might have groups that consist of combat ships, tackles and remote repair vessels that interact with each other rather then engaging the player indendently as classic AI does.

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Its tough for you muiltiboxers isn’t it.


Not really. Once you multibox farmed the game you won’t care alot any more about messing up “your fleet”, failed sites are re-run, lost ships are replaced.

It’s more about multiplaying with actual players, where, when you mess up and someone else loses his stuff rather then only you yourself are being the victim of your failure.

I messed up and someone else lost his blingy ship over it? Hmmm…
Especially in eve, where everyone’s backstabbing everyone else, I can say sorry and SRP his loss but who knows whether I was not just getting him to die purposefully for no other reason then to provide an expensive zkillboard entry to him?

CCP already add automated sort things like assist drones e regroup ships from fleet.
or so warp fleet and on.
People go creative and use machanic of the game to play smart.
anyway i find the “trick”

after some testings i find out that if u repair other ships if the ship u want to be focused by rats and never locked or attack the others or the drones.
so i can fit more like DPS on them.
for EX: i testing using 3 Dominix, repair the other two they dont focus them only the “logistic” one.

gonna try the other solutions u guys gave me.

Soooo… Yeah sig size does effect combat probing.

Please show me where CCP added a way to automate assist drones