Multiboxing with shitty truesec

So i wanted to try null again.
Between fleets or roams i have freetime, that i would like to use for some ISK making and i am too lazy to setup new toons for burner missions or so.
What is the current FOTM for causal ratting in null?
How is smartbomb ratting with shitty truesec?
I have 3-4 toons, i want to start and stop fast, if something is happening and i am dreaming about 100m/h per toon.
What is the closest thing possible?

Bonus tips for Sansha space are nice.

Dominix or Myrms, depending on skill.

It’s bad, don’t do it.

Going to sleep and dreaming about it.

Join an alliance (either mainline or rental) because you’re not going to be able to krab as a neutral in someone else’s space.

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