Be Very Careful with the Market MULTIBUY window !

If you’re buying more than one unit of each item, you might end up being Ripped Off.
You might end up paying more than you would if you manually purchased the various items in the Market window.


  • Market window
    3 - 80M
    1 - 90M
    1 - 100M
    Total: 430M

  • Multibuy window
    5 - 100M
    Total: 500M

70M difference between buying five Geckos through the Multibuy and manually buying through the Market window.

(excuse me for my bad english)

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It’s not ripping you off. You just don’t understand how it works. Multiboy will find the lowest price at which you would be able to buy all the items you are wanting in one shot.
The advantage, convenience, the disadvantage, sometimes you pay extra for it.




Yes it is. It could easily itemize a list of how many items at what price you are looking at.

Either that or the CCP coders are so bad they couldn’t get work at a cash register company.

Just because it’s a fantasy market in a game world doing stuff that would get a RL marketing company a big fine doesn’t make it any less a deceptive practice.

So, to sum up, you need to pay attention to CCP just as much as your fellow players. Everyone, even those who you are paying a sub to, are trying to scam you in game.

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I believe it’s working as intended.


It’s in the wording, as long as they don’t promise the lowest price it’s legit and not deception. Convenience often comes at a premium in real life too.


Everything has always been “working as intended”…until it wasn’t. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a terrible mechanic.

One example of so, so many over the years. Remember ghost training? Working as intended (even used in ads as a selling point), until it wasn’t. Nothing whatsoever to do with game fairness and everything to do with bad code and a staff incapable of fixing it.

“Working as intended” is CCP’s lamest, and sadly the most common, excuse for bad mechanics. Don’t parrot them. Be a leader. Not an apologist like the poster under you.

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Oh dear, someone doesn’t like disagreement; despite the fact that convenience is often expensive, both in the real world and in Eve, multi-buy being a feature added for convenience.

Get over yourself.


Multi buy makes one order per item type. So if there are different prices for an item this is the only way it can do it.

I’m guessing it’d be a degree more complicated (and perhaps laggy) to make the multi-buy tool make multiple buy orders for each item.

Don’t use multi-buy for expensive purchases. Use it for many cheap purchases.

Anyone that thinks any game should work perfectly no matter how long the game has been around or how much money is backing them is a bit nuts. Just not going to happen.

As far as this subject is concerned I still believe it is working just fine. Multi buy is a convenance with a down side. That really has Eves style all over it. Risk is always there, even when you think you are making a simple purchase.

If it was that easy, why don’t you just do it manually? Multibuy is a mechanic, and you don’t have to use it.

Dozens of real players with real opinions perma-banned while dev alts and sycophants proliferate. That goes as well for the Devs lying to us that nothing will change.

No shame when sucking up to keep your job, I guess.

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Oh. I see.
Well… this might be seen as bad mechanic until you are the one selling. :wink:

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