Multiple chat channels in a single window

while chat channels are being redesigned, can we have this:
old forum link for reference:

basically i’m asking for chat channels to be able to compress their tabs into multiple rows of tabs for the following reasons
-it makes navigating through channels way easier especially for the majority of us that have a lot of channels open
-it saves valuable screen real estate
-it also makes it easier to spot when and which channel is blinking


So you can further idiot proof nullsec by combining all your intel chats into one?

I think he means a second row visible. Right now you can only see 8 channels and whenever you have more than 8 channels open, you have to check if one of them is blinking or not.

Yes. i mean multiple rows, as many as needed so that all open chats heads (channel names; as in the name of the chat; the one that blinks) in a window can always be visible. like dis

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Good idea +1

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