Chat channel flair


Most users will end up stacking all the different channels into one chat window. Users who are part of a lot of communities and info channels might have a bit too many tabs in a chat window.


Allow the use of colors and client-specific aliases in the channel tab label. Colors for easy navigation, labels to alleviate badly named channels or names that are too long and take up too much channel real estate.



Imo the Chat functionality should be more of a protocol than a fully fledged (barely cuztomisable) suite by CCP ™ :slight_smile:

This way some users may develop and others may download and install the interfaces and features they wish. Such as flair which is not a bad idea at first glance, but also word and spam filtering + more.

It might be too late now since the money and time has already been spent but the EVE UI as a whole should probably have been made into more of a protocol as well, so that users could develop custom UIs and features to alleviate or reduce any potential UI grievances. Seems like a win win but its too late now since the UI aleady got a big overhaul recetly and a load of money and time was spent on that for no reason it seems… Anyway it is what it is. Have a nice day.