Multiple layers of resistance debuffs in abyssal PvP

(Kane Alpha) #21

I hope CCP fixes this soon. 2 ships enter 2 ships explode is unacceptable.

The scaling up of 10% debuffs every few min. is a good idea.

(Numitor Eto) #22

Interest in Abyssal PVP seems to be quite low in general and most people I’ve met in the beginning have stopped running altogether, so thank you for keeping the thread alive - much appreciated. I hope this can be resolved in some way.

(Kane Alpha) #23

It seems this should be an easy fix. I do not see any reason CCP should not patch this soon.

(Gustav Mannfred) #24

The stalemate issue needs to be fixed in Abyssal PVP. This weekend, I had to self destruct two times as I was not able to break another ship.
When the only way to finish a fight is to either ranson the other or just suicide, then it is no fun at all.

There is the need for more resistance debuffs. More than just 25% after 8 min

My suggestion:

6 min after the fight starts: 25%
12 mins: 50%
18 mins: 100%
and the final 5 mins: all resistances are set to 0 as if the ship has fitted polarized guns

this needs to be fixed, this is also the reason why people complain that the Vedmak and Curse are just so dominant in the Arena. The Ved can just alpha throught the bricktank and the Curse can shut it down. But the Vedmark almost always dies to Curse and Curse dies to passive fit Gilas(and there are tons of them).

another change what would be nice is that the pvp gate always spawns, no matter how active it is. Just reduce the amount of available arenas accordingly.

let me know what you think

(Numitor Eto) #25

That is another issue that should be looked at. From what I’ve read and seen on zkill, the arena is simply unavailable for USTZ players. Gates always spawning would lure more PVE Gilas in, which in turn would attract more people in cheap fits looking to gank PVErs, which in turn would attract more players looking for actual fights. The prices for mutaplasmids will drop to zero eventually anyway and abyssal fits will become the norm for everyone once that happens. Restricting access to the arena is not going to change that.

(Gustav Mannfred) #26

I just had a stalemate again today…

CCP should really do something about it, otherwhise it feels like there is no other good ship than the vedmak or curse…

25% is not enought if two bricktank ship meet each other, for example a vagabond and ishtar

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