Munins Vs Basilisk

How many Munins using 720mms and only 1 gyrostabilizer each would it generally take to alpha a Basilisk? I say generally because… well it would help to know of the Basilisk’s fit ahead of time wouldn’t it? If they only used multispectrum shield hardeners, Republic EMP would be the best, but Phased plasma looks pretty good if they go with a single multispectrum hardner and then just load up on EM hardners and rigs.


Highly depends on the fits though, if it’s PANFAM’s doctrine muninn’s f1-ing at our bassies (i don’t have PANFAM’s bassi fit and we don’t use muninns), it would take 24.255 munnins under the assumption the bassies don’t have command bursts, don’t move for the muninns to hit them better and aren’t overheating their tank because they don’t see the attack coming, either. So… in the reality it’s more like 50 or more munnins, as the bassies do move and do have shield extension and harmony on them. More importantly though half the munnin fleet will be open fire only at a delay, because munnin fleets are fleets with a lot of alts in them that need to be cycled by the players, which takes time.

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I guess my FC made the right call to stand down since the other side was in fact moving.

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