Mutaplasmids constitute Gambling

I doubt that, but I’m curious to see you try to argue.

As a sidenote, Mutaplasmids are not purely RNG within the range. After a couple of hundred rolls you can clearly see that the distribution shows too much significance in the outcome of certain attributes. It is rigged, not pure RNG. For instance, PG on a certain Decayed Mutaplasmid should yield you >15% positive results on that attribute, but in practise you see around 5% after hundreds of rolls.

only by critical chance factor, nothing else.
… This random number is used to determine both if the turret hits and how much damage it does. …
… A turret with a hit chance of 100% will strike for 50% - 149% of its base damage …

Can you discuss Turret mechanics in your own thread please? This one is about wether or not Mutaplasmids constitute gambling.

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A lot of players win, who knows, maybe the third time is the charm… :smirk:

Good call, you would have lost more often if you had tried to continue. The thing is there are different kinds of people, some (like you) less affected by such incentives and some are more likely to fall into gambling if someone provides the opportunity.

Like Nana jokingly suggests :wink:

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The turret mechanic is one of many examples where we have a gamble.

The better question is, do mutaplasmids constitute illegal gambling?

The answer by @Arthur_Aihaken seems appropriate.

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A Goose has all the typical properties of a Duck, they are not the same thing.

By definition any activity where the participant uses something of value as a means to potentially attain something else… that is gambling; though not in the same sense that say playing the slots is.

The chicken I purchased yesterday…
I paid money for it, I received chicken, I desire it to be good.
The chicken will be turned into something else tonight, I will no longer have the same chicken.
I will not be the one cooking the chicken, I hope it is done properly, Salmonella sucks.

No absolutely not. Please read on definitions of gambling to know more. RNG alone is not gambling, neither is solely taking a risk. Gambling means to bet something of value (like money, ISK, PLEX) on something which outcome you can’t control and for which you can get an immediate price in value.

RNG is an element of gambling, but only if it is really RNG.
Mutaplasmid rolls are not RNG.

As you say:

It’s possible, as the non-RNG nature of the “chance” would constitute a rigged game which is mostly illegal when it comes to wagering anything of value on a game of chance.

I see you’re point, I think it’s a legit concern, I for one think that once people realize how badly the odds of a good outcome they would leave it alone mostly, if they can’t then they are not thinking reasonably and if they do spend real cash then they probably don’t have themselves in real life under control anyway.

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play games of chance for money; bet.

“he gambles on football”

synonyms: bet, wager, place a bet, lay a bet, stake money on something, back the horses, try one’s luck on the horses; More

take risky action in the hope of a desired result.

“he was gambling on the success of his satellite TV channel”

synonyms: take a chance, take a risk, take a leap in the dark, leave things to chance, speculate, venture, buy a pig in a poke; More


an act of gambling.

“Dad likes a bit of a gamble”

synonyms: bet, wager, speculation; More

a risky action undertaken with the hope of success.

“we decided to take a gamble and offer him a place on our staff”

synonyms: risk, chance, hazard, speculation, venture, random shot, leap in the dark;

pig in a poke, pot luck, blind bargain;


“I took a gamble and it paid off”

(Copy-pasta from Google.)

Seems to me PvP with a turret-based ship is a gamble. The use of a turret is what makes it a gamble. The ship is your wager.

The simple act of undocking is a gamble, so…

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As is reading the forums…


Well maybe “a gamble” is not always “gambling”. I think the pretty important difference is how much influece you have over the outcome. In PVP with a turret-based ship, the RNG (which is true RNG if I’m not mistaken) of hits/damage is only one of many factors that create a result. Your personal actions are more important than the chance itself.

Not so with Mutaplasmids, as they work pretty much like a slot machine.

Edit: I think you use “a gamble” as a colloquial term. Some people call any risky undertaking a gamble, although that alone does not constitute gambling.

I get that you see it as a slot machine - you put money in, press a few buttons, and get a random result. But what you really have a problem with isn’t the gambling, but the package it comes in.

See, when you shoot a bunch of NPCs and they pop and leave a wreck, then it’s also a bit like a slot machine. You buy ammo, slot it in, press a few buttons and get random loot. Only here does it not seem like gambling, because the randomness comes in a different package.

What with those who gamble for thrills?

Most hard-core slot machine players do not play to win money. They play with money rather than for it and their whole philosophy is to stay on the machine as long as possible using the least amount of money. That’s identical to what videogame players do…

Now the thing about slot machine players and videogame players, in slot machines the money is a way of keeping score. When I talked about this idea of videogame playing being a nonfinancial form of gambling, obviously I came from a world where I had spent four years researching gambling and then realised there were commonalities in the psychology of videogame playing. I didn’t come at it from the other way.

I see some similarities, but I think the package, as you call it, makes these two things distinctively different.

Mutaplasmids really seem like a slot machine. Two slots in, one slot out. All you have to do is sit docked and put things in and press the gamble button. You either win or lose, well mostly lose. You can repeat it quickly, hundreds of times an hour. The only limit is your credit card and the in-game market for items.

With ratting it is not quite the same. You have a lot of influence over the outcome. You don’t have influece over the loot that can drop, but the loot will anyway not either drop or not drop on the pure hit of one button. You need to do a lot of things before it happens. Then, it’s also not anywhere near as quickly repeatable. Also, you don’t either win or lose your investment, e.g. your ship. Normally you keep it.

Usually do gambling addictions get associated with the dopamine production of the brain - the pleasure centre. Thrill seekers get hooked on the adrenaline. Smokers get hooked on nicotine, etc.

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I’d say your “problem” stems from the fact that you already knew what it means to shoot spaceships before you started playing EVE. It was easy for you to accept it (with its weird space physics and damage formula). Mutaplasmid is then new and it’s mechanic wasn’t known to you before. So your first association is that to a slot machine. You just have to accept it for what it is, pick up the lore perhaps and think of it more as what CCP wants it to be, some strange transformation of modules because of an unknown substance found in the Abyss. Until you’ve soaked up CCP’s “lore package” will it however always look like a slot machine to you.

Mutaplasmid when applied on a human…

We desperately need a Jim Sterling video about EVE Online’s mutaplasmid enchanting mechanics. :wink: