Mutated Drones not simulating in fitting window

So if you have any mutated drones in your fit, when you go to sim the fitting you get a window that pops up and says “item missing”, you cant currently simulate your fit with mutated drones, they simply disappear from the drone bay when you simulate.

Nothing mutated can be simulated unless you drag the exact module into the fitting window.

Saved fittings don’t store the mutation stats and therefore are not possible to be simulated from saved fittings.


That doesn’t work either, if you sim your fit and try to hover over a drone to drag it into the sim it gives you an error saying item can not be found which prevents you from dragging it into the simmed fit. So the only way you can actually get your DPS number is by putting them into a live fit.

This is also not the case when you are simming a fit your currently sat in as the damage modules and others transfer into the sim correctly. So I think you might be missing the issue here. Have a look and you will see what I mean.

Ditto, once the pointer hits the drone icon, up pops “Item not found” boxes equal to the number of drones in the bay or an inventory location. Only way to get by the box pop up is if you select all or box them with other items and move them via another selected item. That is how I got to see the stats again in the compare tool. Btw, the stats of the mutated drone pops up for a millisecond before the “item not clowned” box pops. Just check if you read this far.

Perhaps this is something PyFa could do?

See GitHub - pyfa-org/Pyfa: Python fitting assistant, cross-platform fitting tool for EVE Online

Issues go here Issues · pyfa-org/Pyfa · GitHub

I have pyfa and use it frequently, so while its a nice workaround, it shouldn’t be the end goal.

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It’s May and the problem still persists, which ends up requiring you to use third-party apps, which is NOT ideal.
Has the CCP at least shown itself to be aware of the problem?

Nothing that I have seen, @Brisc_Rubal sorry to use your name to find info but youve helped in the past finding out if CCP is even aware of the issue.

This is an issue with all mutaplasmid rolled modules and drones. I will ask again about it.

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