My fellow C&P trolls

There’s a show on twitch called trash talk Tuesday, it’s a show created for the conflict of eve online and talking trash about it.

Discord link

The discord is linked to the show… Enjoy your experience.


the twitch vod for that is here

Wake up nubcakes time to get active and actually hit a discord hard like you want to rant and rave…

Let’s go C&P, trolls, miners, anti-gankers, wardeccers, anti-wardeccers all of y’all you have a voice. Get in and fire it up.

■■■■ off and let this useless topic die.

It’s not a useless topic, and who are you?

Who are you?

Yes, it is.

Your obviously a nobody

You are or you’re as in you’re an idiot.

Sounds like lots of cheap fun.

Name calling already, inexperienced troll

@Nicolai_Serkanner Bring it to Trash Talk Tuesday!!!

Unfortunately we don’t have a Trash Talk Tuesday forum

For experienced trolls we have Reddit.

Lame attempt at being relevant, it’s called discord, think of it as a live action forum where you post.

You’re boring as ■■■■.


Lame kid attempting to troll… How about trying not to be lame for once.

Tuesday is almost here boys and girls, come join the fun…

Trash Talk Tuesday Stream

Trash Talk Tuesday Discord

Come join the fun.

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6 episodes in the bag and you could be apart of the 7th

out with having listened - the title trash talk just embeds the notion of angry men on the internet just trying to emo - I’ve heard the same from people like Dirk MacGirk who are ultimately internet bullies who think they are important, but aren’t, and then when challenged with intellect are unable to compete with educated discussion. It just sounds rather trailer park if I’m being honest - Unlike Dirk. Eve has moved on from basement nerds trying to talk tough on the internet and belittle other people, has it not?

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It’s a show dedicated to the hype of fights in Eve. When nullblocs fight you want more of the story, not the one sided meta that Mitanni spoon feeds the imperium, so it’s about all of eve being able to spout opinions.