My first Raitaru

I would like to set up and operate a Raitaru. I shoukd not jump straight into this activity, given that I’m new to industry.

Seems to me like the right way to proceed is by doing manufacturing in a station near my hopeful Raitaru system, then when I am understanding it and profits improve, I can move up to the Raitaru right? I found a public Upwell structure that’s only charging 6% tax.

I have some blueprint copies. I can add a few originals, too, then I’ll be on my way! Is this a reasonable outlook?

that’s irrelevant : taxes are added on top of the cost index. So the taxes are less important than the cost index.

Personally, I would recommend you wait until you’re more ‘schooled’ in the ways of station ownership. It’s a huge up-front cost that takes a while to recoup…unless you and your friends are really turning out the profits, it’s not worth it IMO.

I would suggest find a good low tax station and move there. Run your operation for 3-6 months and then reassess if your own station is what you really want.

Also, you can find some great NPC stations in LS. Find a quiet place and give that a try first.


You might want to do detailed calculation of profitability taking into account fuel consumption.

There are public structures which charge less than 6% and many of them have rigs which provide bonuses for specific industry jobs.

The topic below might also add some thoughts:

Probly better off getting to know some factory/refinery owners first, negotiate some deals to get your costs down. To make a Rait profitable your going to have to be sure of your costs, sure of your profits (as far as you can) from rolling manufacturing and be prepared to defend it come the probably inevitable wardec.

Not saying don’t do it, just be aware of your options and all the factors like any RL business decision, just due diligence. Of course if you don’t care about losing the isk then go for it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, System Cost Index, even if yours is the only factory in the system, if you use it heavily the SCI can ramp up quickly.

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The service modules for manufacturing, research and invention/copy will each consume 9 fuel blocks per hour - roughly 125 million ISK/month each or 375 million ISK/month if you install all 3.

Until your business grows to the point where you can justify this expense, you’re better off renting offices in a public structure.

In highsec, you also need to consider whether you want your operating company to own the structure (makes you war eligible) or if you want to create a holding company for the Raitaru (an Alpha can do this job).


I would say go for it!!! Just tell us where it is so we can cheer for ya. :partying_face:

I hope you are not going to cheer with Leshaks.

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I hope you are going to cheer with Leshaks. :smiley:


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