My friend's friend has clothes

Thank you CCP for introducing the feature of adding clothes to corpses–flash frozen friends deserve the freshest fashions. It has brought so much joy to Joe to be able to outfit Chloe in high thread count garments. I would also like to make a note of my professional appreciation for this feature. The ability to dress corpses has increased customer approachability of my work in Nodal Point Teledildonics ten fold. Our re-purposed homeless are being put to work in greater numbers serving others and adding value to the community, rather than being a drain on municipal services. That ever bright future is secured on the foundation of flexible fashion.



As for the process of turning the homeless into sex bots–the scientist outlined the process. Arriving individuals would be made comfortable in “The Welcome Room” before being drugged. At this point they were placed in sensory blackout rooms until a state at which Nodal Point staff considered the subjects regressive and passive enough for suggestion. Brain scan copies would be made of individuals in this state for later upload into their positronic brains. Once the copy had been made, subjects were placed into plastination vats and the subjects brains and neuronal fibers would be dissolved by an amoebic organism. The internals were replaced with a positronic brain and various biomechanical support structures installed. Any subject found to be incompatible was ejected into space within a stock of modified Genolution capsules obtained by 3rd party contractors. Nodal Point senior leaders found twisted enjoyment in playing around with a Kyonoke Hoax with the assistance of capsuleers. Capsules were mislabeled and all charred corpses recovered by Capsuleers (a laundering process) were not in fact Kyonoke Infected.

Running a background check, the lead scientist appears to have worked in corpse plastination before at a company called JoeLinux’s Corpse Companion Clothier.

These sex bots would arrive to customers in hermetically sealed containers with the promise, “Keep intimate while keeping peace of mind in a Kyonoke era.”

:fearful: I checked out your link. That is beyond inhumane…

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We all float down here with freaky fresh flesh fashion!


This is awe-inspiring. Keep it up you beautiful bastards.

Chloe is overcome with emotion. Or she is thawing out, and that is just condensation running down her face.

Either way…

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