My Little Things

I have been around for a long time and I love EVE, but that’s not to say that EVE and I don’t have a little tiff every now and then. Everyone finds fault with their spouse and it’s always the little things that irk the most.

These are mine:

When I am changing a shortcut in the settings I don’t want EVE to argue with me because she has a default function mapped there. I don’t want to have to find that shortcut in order to remove it before I can map the one I want. Can you make it simply ask if I want to replace it?

I love new ships in the game, it’s great fun to jump into them, but for the love of God can we please have the default setting in Overview for new ship types introduced set to VISIBLE rather than INVISIBLE? I hate being attacked by invisible ships on patch day.

When I jump out of my ship in station and want to move to another I don’t want to face the hard wall of ‘session change’. It’s a ridiculous mechanic to cover ‘our servers can’t cope’. Instead simply add a count down at the end of which the requested action is completed so I don’t have to keep right clicking to select “Activate Ship”. Once is enough.

Opportunities are great for new players to introduce them to the game. They are like herpes for us veterans - no matter how much we want rid of them they just keep coming back to irritate us. Suggest to disable them entirely by default for all characters over 10m SP.

The dreaded settings reset. Yes, I said it. I can’t even define how much rage is built up every time somebody over at CCP accidentally tips against the piece of code that causes all users to lose their beloved settings. It takes us hours to set them up again, often finding out things we forgot during a fleet fight or some other important task like mining rocks. It needs to come to an end. Make the settings extractable (so we can move the file for safe keeping) and allow sharing between all accounts on a single machine (Yes I want all my accounts to use the same shortcuts every time and would like an option to do so). I also would like to be able to save remotely for my accounts where I can select to download my saved settings to my client at any time. Yes, I know, storage space, but I explore you, please invest in an extra 1TB hard drive. I’ll even get it for you if need be.

These are my top 5 most irksome traits of the lovely EVE. So, tell me yours!


Honestly just people complaining in the forums or Reddit are my only problems with EVE.

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The impending weight in the air waiting for those more eloquent and/or frothing to turn up to non-consensually disassemble a point made on EOForums.

there is a difference between a complaint and a feedback though. this is a feedback.

Fair enough. I’ve been playing for just about a decade in the new year and I guess I’m just really over people saying that EVE is dying, or blaming CCP for having ruined the game again. Sincerely, if you believed forums, CCP had launched a broken product and only made it worse with every release. I’m not very interested in reading whining anymore vOv


I have just today undocked 3 separate times accidentally in my capsule, flown around to other systems, before realizing I am not in the correct ship due to this “game mechanic”. Enough is enough. I shouldn’t have to spam “Activate Ship” and keep zoomed in my ship 24/7 just to make sure I’m in the right ship during undock.

This would make the client remove that shortcut, leaving it up to you to remember which shortcut it was. You set up a ctrl-something shortcut and mis-press or mis-click, and all of a sudden you’ve removed ctrl from shortcuts and disabled a whole bunch of stuff, including target locking.

The overview settings are on YOUR computer, in the cache folder. CCP would have to upload everyone’s customized overviews, analyze them to append the missing ships, and download the “fixed” versions back to everyone’s computers. It’s a huge nightmare, compared to just you having to remember to click a few check boxes on the rare Tuesday once a year when they add a new ship.

It’s not that the server can’t cope, it’s that your computer can’t cope. They have to move the ship out of the station and then give your graphics card time to load up the environment. If there’s a countdown with you sitting in station, that’s just a countdown; the session change happens AFTER you exit the station, and the screen is black because your graphics card is sorting out the star systems, the exterior of the station, and everyone flying around nearby, and loading the graphics for you to see. A countdown before you exit station would do nothing but add an artificial delay, and you’d still have to deal with the current session change timer.

That’s fine, I hate them too. I hate banner ads on websites too. About the same chance that they’ll go away (i.e. they won’t).

The settings file is in c:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\eve_online_TQ_tranquility_server\settings\ and the settings files are named after the database id numbers for your account and for each character. You can save these files and or overwrite one character’s settings with another character, all you have to do is figure out your character ID. Which is easy by making a small change to the settings on one character, and then looking at the date and time of which settings file was modified.

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