My market modifications are now rounding up/down to the closest million... Not good

He doesn’t even understand the metaphor he’s using.


You don’t get it right?


I don’t also say that PVE HAS to be done in null…same statement turned around…

You aren’t THAT stupid i hope…

I really don’t understand why such a crystal clear statement like mine has to end in an endless discussion over bs…

Thats very true

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That’s also true

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You never left high shool right?

You were trapped somewhere in the basement and your only contact to the outside real world is this forum?

This would explain SO MUCH… :slight_smile:

Cool story brah

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True story bro…


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Must be hard for you seeing all those people walking and roaming free in the open and you sit in your basement and cannot leave…this must have consequences…and we all can see what those are…


Its true.

Often, I wheel myself up to the window to watch them move their legs like it was a godgiven right or something.

Still, thats what I get for mouthing off to a loanshark, eh lol

Oh how we both laugh about it now over a few pints.

Well we would, if I could get to the pub, but they dont have ramps.

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We know.

Is not what you said. I’ll repeat it just one more time for anybody who might have missed it: “Every playstyle is valid”.

Nothing ambiguous about your statement Balos. And I fully agree with you for a change.



If this wasn’t so sad i would get mad,but since i know where it comes from…


Not worth the effort… :slight_smile:

I have never had identifiable problems with bots in the marketplace, playing since 2007. My main market is Amarr with an occasional foray to Jita.

So the majority of all these bots work in or around Jita. The solution? Screw every trader in EVE, no matter where. How about some stinking focus on where the problem actually exists? This blanket bludgeoning of the whole marketplace is insipidly stupid. Why even have a .01 increment for that matter? Why not devalue the Isk by 1,000 % while you’re at it???

How lazy can CCP get? Assign a team to monitor Jita transactions and ferret out the bots one by one, and leave the honest traders the hell alone. Player driven economy? Bah! how stupid does CCP think we are?

Suicide ganking is only possible in highsec, and wardecs also only make sense there, so as you said:

I agree

On the other hand we could easily throw out various forms of PvE from Highsec because:

I apologize for posting this… I missed the announcement of the market change and thought it was some kind of glitch going on with the game… I also kept making market changes for 2-3 days without realizing how much the fees were costing… Given that I’m heavily vested in the expensive skin markets, I royally screwed myself rushing down through my orders and quickly relisting them without noticing how much it was costing me… It would have been nice if CCP had put an announcement up in the launcher saying “These market changes are now in effect” instead of thinking that everyone saw announcement about a month ago…

It was announced when the changes took place

Or you read the blogs and patch notes.

or both of them :stuck_out_tongue: