My market modifications are now rounding up/down to the closest million... Not good

After the downtime today, all of my market changes have been rounding up/down to the closest million… I couldn’t find a post about it… Anyone else experiencing this???

CCP notified us of this change a month ago. No more playing the .000001 ISK game. It just got implemented today.

All market bots without read ability experienced it…


Welcome to the new more punishing market. Large fees, ridiculous rounding mechanisms. CCP called it chaos era for a reason.

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Working as intended!

Here, have a

You’ll feel better soon.


How are people like this? Do they not know that the game changes and has updates now and then that they can read up on? Takes 2 minutes to just skim through it.


Because all they’ve ever done is sit in a station and play .00000001 ISK trading games and have never even bothered to visit the forum.



Every playstyle is valid…

Quoting this for ever now.



You must have hit your head on a big rock. Your brains are all messed up.

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Come on…

You KNOW i’m not here to kill PVP everywhere…

I’m just against a spoiled pvp everywhere and especially in high because low/null is far bigger than high(low/null is 2/3 of the map) and therefore big enough for the pvp playstyle…

There is no reason that pvp is able to annoy EVERYBODY,EVERYWHERE…

If someone wants to play the 0,001 isk(and yes that is written right in german :slight_smile: ) game why shouldn’t he?

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But there is, Darlo, because

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It is wrong. It is 0,01 in German. FFS!

Shut up Balos!

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PVP at 2/3 of the server excluding high is MORE than valid…but understanding is a 3 edged sword right? :slight_smile:

The rounding isn’t that bad and I actually think it is a good change.

The relist fee however is completely ridiculous.

Why do we even need a relist fee if you can’t 0.01 isk anyway?

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Every playstyle is valid. Those are your words. Deal with it.