My new family

In some other mmo i usually create a guld by myself but when i’m come to eve i want to change a bit, so i decided to join a corp, i’ve been crossing like thousand of corp and now i have finally found a corp for myself (Mystical Knight) :3 it’s a mining corp and still from the ground up.
i am myself is an alpha and i really want to dedicate something for this corp but for my skill level there’s nothing much for me to help… but yh i’ll try my best i guess.
Our boss is a great guy, help out every single one of us as for every other members, they really make me feel like home .I don’t know how the other corp is but this one i think i’ll get quite along with it. More reason for me to play eve hihi
thank you bosses~!

Good luck in there!

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By having a good attitude you will actually help your corp more than a player who has a large ship but a bad attitude.


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