My personal ideas for fixing the economy

This is normal inflation for any MMORPG. What’s wrong with it?

I don’t think it’s normal inflation I think that something has to be done to bring the market back capitals are becoming a dime a dozen it used to be a rarity for me to see a Titan now when I’m exploring I see Titans something has to be done to make the game back at the normal balance the way it was meant to be and if they bring the Chinese market over and they merge the servers it is just going to be worst because ever there in China right now according to a friend of mine a Plex selling for 15 million

Back to what? You keep saying things but never actually explain them.

What’s wrong with this? The game has been around for 10+ years and people are finally developing the in game assets to start flying more of the big ships. This would be like complaining that 40 years ago, you didn’t see that many airplanes, but now travel by airplane is getting too common.

I think this is a good thing. Why is this bad?

What do you mean by normal? Normal back in 2003? Back in 2008? 2010? 2015?

CCP never said they’re going to merge the servers. Why are you worried about something that will never happen?

And why is this bad? If PLEX is selling for 15 million, that means the in game economy can handle 15 million isk per unit of PLEX. If it could, then it wouldn’t be 15 million. So why is this bad?

Just going off of what’s being said at the AMA there and I’m going off of the merger thing because it being talked about on a lot on the subreddits and it was also throwing around there’s a possibility at the AMA for a merger to happen of the for a merger to happen of the two servers you really need to watch the game a video and come up with your own constructive ideas on how to fix things from what Himmler is saying I’m just trying to give people ideas I don’t know it all they are the ones talking about the game needs to be balanced I’m just getting my ideas on the way we can balance

it that’s all nothing more nothing less

as for the 15 million Plex I never thought it was a bad idea I think it would be freaking awesome that would make people have to pay more and real life cash if they merge the servers and my opinion

With that being said though it would force people do you have to grind them the game more and not just be able to buy Plex and go PVP and not give a flying fuk what they lost

No, you really don’t, to be honest. Most players have no idea of what they are talking about, and given that you can’t event explain what specifically is wrong just shows that. Let alone the idea of players knowing how to fix the game, lol.

If plex is 15m isk per unit, that means the players of the game are more than capable of earning that much isk with relatively simply effort.

You are making the mistake of comparing your current ability (or lack thereof) to make isk to the price of plex in a different server where the population has a different ability to make isk.

I will do some further research on the numbers in the morning but for now I’m going to tell you goodnight fly safe don’t fly something you can’t afford to lose

I will try to get you better and further answers in the morning I apologize did not come better prepared with more numbers and stuff like that but I will work on it and get back with you with definite numbers as soon as I can find them and calculate them correctly

Things tend to have value when they are scarce. In Eve, most commodities are infinitely farmable - the only limit being the time and effort players are willing to invest in the activity. This is why bots are so destructive but there are many PVE and industrial activities that scale well across multiple characters and require little player management.

CCP is making changes. Newer PVE content pays no bounties and requires a higher level of situational awareness to succeed. The rewards are valuable because they are scarce.

Inflation in Eve is largely caused by bounties which are easily farmable by players or bots and the growth in the money supply is not sustainable. I would like to see bounties replaced by a commodity that can be sold to NPCs for ISK - similar to blue loot. My preference would be tags - which are already available in game, can be traded on the markets and redeemed for faction items at LP stores. If they could also be redeemed for ISK that could create a feedback mechanism that controls growth in the money supply.

I’m not concerned about PLEX as long as CCP only sells it for real world cash. I would worry if they start providing a mechanism to acquire it through gameplay.

uhm yeah i do…
Blow up more stuff…if you have 100% risk advers corpies…that never interact in combat no matter what…take them behind the shed and like Mittani says quietly put them out of your misery (gank, blow up, run out of town).

how did you even get that I would risk of versed no problem with risk it all I wasn’t saying there shouldn’t be risk I was trying to fix the issue we have with minerals and the lack of this destruction because there’s too much safety and places like they were saying at the AMA at Eve Down Under I don’t know how you got that I’m afraid of risk I don’t know where you got that at all I think you need to re-read my post

The bounty system has been broke for eons they need to bring it back to the way it was where one kill get gets the whole bounty otherwise the bounty system remains broke

I think we’re talking about different kinds of bounty! Player bounties have absolutely no impact on the economy - I actually forgot they existed or would have specified NPC bounties which are the major ISK faucet in the game.

Same thing, with an added hassle of transportation.

Precisely! Additional time (and risk) required to loot tie field and transport the commodity to a buyer. You’re not reducing the potential ISK per site but you are reducing the potential ISK/hour.

+1 to this!

Which is a shame, when I first started playing there was a character with billions of ISK bounty on them being advertised on the concord billboard and it was so disappointing to learn nobody could ever collect the bounty unless they killed that person in a AT ship or while they were hauling billions of PLEX.

Make the bounties gather in the iHub like how the ESS works. Players have to collect up the bounty tokens and take them to empire to cash in. More content, more downward pressure on PLEX prices.

Elaborate on this. The reason why the ESS works is because the bounty values go up over time. Otherwise, you’re just adding in the extra step of “warp to iHub, get tokens, later fly a ceptor into empire space to cash in.” Also if you can rob the iHub that would pretty much destroy ratting in general, since any blue can creep up and grab everything in it. Imagine all the ESS drama multiplied by a factor of 10, since you can now steal the entire payout of a ratter.

If we have to remove bounty it should just be replaced with blue loot/the equivalent. Even if you can’t kill people you can at least take their MTUs. I can’t take credit for the idea, I think it was Olmeca Gold that thought that one up.

What is most comical about this thread is the part of the economy that is a problem is the rewards for killing PvE rats.

But this thread uses the economy as an excuse to beat on favorite “bad guys”.

Maybe read the MERs before posting ■■■■■■■■?

With the current price of PLEX this suggestion has almost no practicable downside. Seriously, its 30+ hours of commitment each month to grind ISK for PLEX. It would be easier to do a few hours extra overtime at a real job or drive a handful of Uber clients around and take a fraction of the time.

Bad is a matter of perspective. The issue is that the game mechanics are not scaling to challenge everyone and the rich are getting richer.

Perhaps you would like to comment on the surge in ISK velocity following the original Rorqual changes ? Again, this isn’t about bad or good, its about a few groups who capitalised heavily on the benefits on the uptick who able to absorb any corrective actions CCP makes to mechanics later.

This doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Keep the military index at 5 for a week, get a % bonus.

Pretty much. This adds in some token losses due to combat ( like when people used to move PLEX around ) a bunch of ISK gets sunk into taxes, reduces time available for grinding ( time spent in the interceptor is time not spent ratting ) and pretty much mirrors what happens for Wormholes.

Thats how an ESS works now, as in someone can take all the tokens and run. That isn’t the kind of mechanic people are going to like and I doubt it would get much support as the default.

If it was more like a customs office, where the tokens fill up in the iHub ( which, when withdrawn could in turn be taxed by the iHub owner ) to be later retrieved like any planetary commodity.

The idea of tokens was more about making bounties behave consistently with mining and manufacturing, in that something physical is traded on the market in exchange for ISK.

The bounty amount doesn’t need to be all tokens, it could start of %50 ISK/%50 Tokens. As the Military index goes up, maybe the token component could be increased so a well ratted system has %50 ISK/ %55 Token payout. Make the tokens redeemable for something other than ISK. Take a % in Ihub fees.

The bounty system as it stands just reeks of stagnation.

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