My thoughts on EVE Down Under 2019 - AMA

First off here’s the video link what’s the whole thing before commenting, please

My thoughts are when he was talking about for Capitol rebounds where his system would get destroyed and it will cause more conflict. I don’t like it as an aspiring Capital mining ship pilot I just don’t see where it would be beneficial especially.

it might help big corporations like Goons. test NC etc

it would hurt the smaller ones
I want to talk to you about smaller ones I’m talking about the guys operating out of a .3 system
The 10 or 15 Man Corporation who are running capitals basically

My thoughts on the economy balance

Only allow Plex to be able to pay for like three accounts
And one of my old Corporation the CEO had nine accounts that he was paying for all with Plex

Plex should be able to buy it is so you can enjoy the game if you want to not pay for your game anything after 3 accounts should have to be paid for in cash my thoughts only that would help when the economy balance

My thoughts on skill injectors

The one guy was saying that he got blown up by a 3-day old character in a Titan I don’t think you should be able to skill inject…

that much I think I should be cut off at like maybe 40 million sp 50 if you want to be generous…
after that injector should be useless not giving you anything that would balance out that I think to a certain degree…

I’ve used skill injector myself I enjoy the game crack as I like to call it
To get myself closer so I can become a good jump freighter pilot.

a secondary use for the character is also going to be eventually a carrier pilot it’s going to take me some time to train that up.

I guess after watching that video it makes me wonder what Helmer is trying to accomplished I think he’s going to punish the smaller corporations and the bigger corporations will be able to adjust quickly and it won’t affect them anyways…

Grr, curse those large alliances and their ability to adapt.

You’re missing the point the mega-corporations won’t be affected no matter what because they can adapt the way they play a smaller corporation that got 20 30 guys 15 guys even cannot adapt that quickly to the chances are proposing to watch the video

very fare point and I agree, CCP broke the game by removing moon harvesting to be passive, face it null alliance used to OWN moons for the purpose of income generating, now they have to actually login to mine the ores, So by doing this large alliances dont have a fast river of isk rolling in while in bed or masturbating to granny porn. As for small corps ccp has NEVER wanted eve to be a solo game or small group game they want “nay” they insist on huge tidi encounters.

The destruction of hi sec mercs is what put the nail in the coffin for me removing the buddy list to follow targets removing the ability to dec AFK Russian orca pilots. Na eve is all about making isk now, remove the ability to fight and so many will enjoy eve for some reason making isk and training skills seems the nature of the game now days.

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