My personal ideas for fixing the economy

here goes tackle them one at a time

Skill injectors can be used for everything but Capital ships with the exception of jump Freighters because it’s not going to kill the game play it’s going to create content
Which basically eliminating all together the three-day-old Titan pilot because you can’t train capital of skills with his skill injectors anymore

account limits
Very simply can pay with five of them on your real-life credit card you can have an additional five in Plex but you have to buy the Plex for that’s my fixing the whaling problem

remove all moons from 0.5 system back to low sec that means 0.4 and below and if you really want to ask some adverse risk move all the they really valuable are r64 moons in the Wormhole space

I would love to hear other people’s ideas on this how we can balance the economy and still make the game a very fun

place to be for me I love Mining and salvaging

And I will personally hate to see any more nerfing happened to the rorqual because I haven’t had the chance to fly it yet I’m going to become a level five Orca pilot on my main character first

fly safe 07

The cool thing about eve is the player run economy.

Oh, and the economy balances its self, so no need for your rediculose ideas.

it’s pretty simple in the amas they said they need a better way to balance the economy go back and watch the eve done under AMA go to CCP his YouTube channel and watch it till the very end there for the last 15 minutes and you understand what I’m talking about you can pretty much get the whole video to the last like 25 minutes actually that’s like 15 25 out of something like that

I’m curious to know how would you enforce this?

Well first of they would have to have a tracking system which would include probably leaving the Russians out because they couldn’t use a VPN at that point I mean it’s a dicey gray area has to be done with the economy them are just my ideas

They would have to change the game lot I do realize that

What does this have to do with credit cards?
On top of that, what’s stopping me from just using 2 credit cards for 10 accounts?

Also, if I’m good enough at the game and don’t use a credit card and just PLEX with ISK, how are you going to limit it to just 5 in PLEX?

they would track it with your real life name on the credit card end of things and as for the plexing into things you’re limited to 5 accounts with Plex that’s just my idea if you got a better solution on how to stop the bleeding of the economy please let me know I’m just throwing my ideas to the wind here

I don’t think the economy is “bleeding” (whatever that means) so I don’t think there’s anything that needs fixing. What specifically about the economy is wrong that you are suggesting these changes?

It seems like your “solutions” for the economy aren’t actually about the economy, but specifically targetting multiboxers.

Guess I guess I am targeting multiboxing because that seems to be where the economy is bleeding the most they said that down at Eve Down under they said that down that you’ve done under ama if you watch the last like 25 minutes of the video on YouTube

My first suggestion would be punctuation.

The economy seems to be fine. What’s wrong with the economy?

You keep saying the economy isn’t working and that it’s ‘bleeding’ and other spooky things. But you never actually say what’s wrong with it.

Your ideas are piss poor,
They would not fix the economy.
And besides, it takes a lot of ISK and PLEX for such a Titan pilot to be injected…your ideas would just sink the economy instead and CCP’s bottom line instead.

And as to tracking people…please stay the hell out of my computer and my RL.

okay do me a favor I know it’s going to take a little bit time but go read the last 4 months months worth of economy reports you’ll see the economy been having lots of issues I’m I’ve been watching it myself for the last like three or 4 say yeah do yourself a favor go look at the economy reports then get back to me please

Just my idea how to help the bleeding of the economy and stop the whaling if you got a better one let me know

I’ve been following them for the last 5 years. What’s wrong with it. Would you mind pointing out specific what is wrong instead of just say “go look at it”? Because when I look at it, it seems fine.

Did you watch the eve down under AMA video on YouTube watch like the last 15 to 25 minutes CEO of of Eve online helmar said that we need to fix the economy somehow this is just a few of my Solutions to please go watch the video on the YouTube channel so I’m not saying from a personal perspective I think the economy is broken CCP themself is saying the economy needs to be fixed here’s the link go watch

then come back to me with your ideas please

Helmar says a lot of things that don’t actually mean anything. So like, can you please stop avoiding the question and answer it? What specifically is wrong with the economy?

mineral prices really low right now I remember when I could get 230 million on a half a load a blue ice I’m lucky to get 137 million now and that’s on a good day if someone who hasn’t killed the region and that’s for a whole lot of ice not a half

And let’s not talk about asteroid mining I’m lucky to get 27 million for a full Orca load