My Post-Vegas CSM Update

A long update on how my tenure has been going:

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This sounds like you got brainwashed … defending null bias of the CSM, CCP‘s inability to find a way to understand their own game, the lack of investment into the core gameplay …

… I’m really curious what these mysterious “bigger issues” are, you are mentioning as excuse for no progress. Can you share or is this under NDA?

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In the article I explained them to be tech and npe updates. That’s as far as I can go with the NDA.

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Did you write it by yourself or was it redacted because it feel like one. I’ve read 1/3 and I’m done.

If someone keep telling me that something can’t be done because of such complexity when I can see that solution just at the reach of the hand I hardly believe that person. I would fire that person.

That is why Falcon left?

Why the hell CCP keep all that data devs? To read logs?

I was positive but after all that ■■■■■■■■ you wrote it is closing to zero now.

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No offense but it seems like the whole article is you rambling on and on and on. I get with the NDA you cant say much but maybe sum things up shorter.

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NDA is crippling for writing. Thats why it is written in such a way.

As for brainwashing, every meeting where you have to sit thru explanations that are not provided to bigger audience can shed some more light onto the matters someone had in mind. But it will never be an excuse to what they are not saying to CSM. Like when problems are internally at CCP that the people are not really talking about because why would they, it would be rambling and they would better change job if they dont like it, and its not ideal place, believe me, there is no ideal place to work, like you would like it to work. Thats the way it is in majority of places I know personally, so if CCP is some exception, good for them, if not, then CSM is of no power anyway to reform CCP itself. Like Rixx Javix had pleasure to see himself. :stuck_out_tongue:

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