My procurer in TEST alliance but i quit it

Hello im new here and has been recruited in alliance. But dont find friends in corpration and choose quit. And my procurer in they base i dont access docks! ahaha KARMA!:rofl:
How i can get my PROCURER BACK!:sob:sob:sob:sob:sob:sob:sob:sob:
i wanna exctract some veldspar again!

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If it is in one of their structures in sov space, from a different location, you can move it to asset safety.

It will take 20 days to move from there to the nearest lowsec system with a station and then you’ll have to pay 15% of its value to get it back, in that system.

The details of asset safety are outlined here:

Putting a Procurer into lowsec with no friends about is a recipe for a good lossmail if you try to move it to highsec.

The best approach, if you can still use the market where the ship is docked, would be to sell it where it is, or put it on contract where it is and then rebuy a new one elsewhere.


just curious, what corp exactly you where a part of, because your character history shows you having spent no more than 2 weeks in any one corp. and none of those corps are, or ever have been, part of test alliance. if you are hopping corps every 10 days or less, no wonder you aren’t making friends, since you are there and then gone before most people even realize you are there.


my procurer in otela x-files{TEST} cos i been russian academy alliance
10 day it enough to make desssions about commuity


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Maybe he is speaking in the Parseltongue or something. :snake:

  1. Stop whining
  2. Go to the X-FS ingame channel
  3. Ask one of the requiters if they can buy off your stuff (with some discount ofc)
  4. ENJOY

Given you were in X_Files I’ll assume you know Russian better than English, so…

  1. Зайди в канал X-FS (это рекрутерский канал x-файлов)
  2. Спроси рекрутера не хочет ли он выкупить твоё барахло (со скидкой от Житы процентов в 20, естественно) или не может ли он отправить контрактом корабль в Житу


Сам ты своё барахло из нулей не выведешь


That site looks an AWFUL lot like TVtropes and I noped RIGHT out of it again, before it
trapped me in its maze! : D

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In the interest of fostering good relations in the international Eve community, I have donated 15m Isk to your account, so buy yourself another Procurer. Your welcome, (doffs hat and bows) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Buy a new one?

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