My purchase of the 3 + 3 doesn't work

The MCT on one character will not activate and I am not getting help through the help interface, a GM responded but alas 2 weeks in an my MCT still won’t work, can I get a refund on 3 month of MCT?

Support Ticket is the only way to go on this - the forums cannot assist you. Good luck getting it sorted out.

Yeah, it might take them a while, but they should make you happy -either by giving you a refund, or giving you unallocated SP equivalent to what you would have trained.

That sounds annoying! Have you tried turning off and on the training queues?

Anyway, support should be able to help you! I got unallocated SP from them for my missed training time last time the MCT gave me trouble. (I had some overlap between two MCT and for some reason the wrong character stopped training while the other, which had only a couple of hours skillqueue left, continued to ‘train’ nothing for a week. :confusedparrot: )

I’ve even thrown voodoo chicken bones at it, nothing, I did put a ticket in 2 weeks ago and the GM tried but still nothing, just not sure what to do to get more help.

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