My sentry drone misses all the time

i have a procurer to mine and sometimes i get somewhere and there is a guiritas (or something) that decides to attack me. it isn’t doing much damage but its annoying. so i got a Caldari Navy warden and trained up to use it so i can deploy it and kill the thing. But it never hits the target. messages keep coming up that my CN drone missed completely. Am I missing something?
i have drone interfacing IV, drone sharpshooting IV, Sentry drone interfacing III

Sentry drones are meant for large slow moving targets hitting out at a distance. For frigates (like your annoying little pirate ship) you want light combat drones.

Cool. got some of them and it works. Yay!

They kill everything good enough (even web drones). Just need to understand how tracking and other turret mechanics work. Enjoy reading :wink:

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