My turn to say goodbye... I guess [or not?!]

Even though I’m on Windows 10, the infamous EasyAntiCheat never worked for me (as in, doesn’t work on my OS & computer and prevents from playing games). Out of all anticheat solutions you’ve decided to choose the most troublesome one… sigh.

Maybe in the future I’ll have a new PC with Linux & Proton or something like that. But for now, I’ll have to admit I’m not coming back.

On the other hand, Black Desert Online just went back to xingcode3, so it’s now time for me to return to it (originally I quit it when they went EAC). Even though xingcode is suspicious/bad, it “just worked” on my machine which I cant say about EAC.

Well, whatever. I hope EvE will live long enough so I might return it many years later with a new PC and what not. Until then…

Fly safe!

Time to install EvE Echoes again, lol. Just to fullfill an itch for EvE.

No, you can’t have my belongings.

How rude.

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EasyAntiCheat? That’s only for EVE Vanguard?


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Do you mean that main game is not affected?


To explain my post: I haven’t played or even updated my EvE for a while, and today I wanted to update and play, then I started checking around various messages on reddit and forum, which led to information of EAC bundled with recent updates…

Sorry I was overwhelmed by irl work today so perhaps I’ve lost some key info. Please elaborate.

Yes, EasyAntiCheat is currently only needed to run the various Vanguard FPS previews.

However, one assumes that as soon as CCP finds they can drive away yet another slice of their customer base with it, they’ll likely find reasons to add EAC to regular EVE.

There’s also a new launcher that may show as an update/install option. Some like it, some don’t. You might consider not installing or updating anything more than the bare minimum and test how EVE works before giving up on it.

That’s interesting. Looks like I wrongly assumed the worst (and I was totally out of the loop with recent news of EvE, which also led to confusion).

Yeah, thanks…


Now that you will sign in again you can contract all your stuff to @Calamity_Unleashed :wink:


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He’s going to need his stuff. I don’t need the isk but CCP need the players. This business with the AntiCheat issue is pure paranoia.

For now. :eyes: :smiling_imp: :psyccp:

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What’s the fear?

Yes EasyAntiCheat is only used for EVE vanguard when you boot up EVE Vanguard.

No problems booting up the main game lol…

Did you try to boot up the main game recently with the new launcher? You should see it’s like normal. Nothing extra loads. No extra software and whatnot.

EDIT: EAC= Easy Anti Cheat (my bad) :sweat_smile: Yah again EAC is only for Vanguard. Not the base game.

Please next time find some EVE friends ingame who you can talk to (via discord). You will have much better information. Don’t trust Reddit. Never ever trust it.

Please don’t go out in a drama queen way and post like all the other doomers and EVE is dead to me people. (Had to scold you there. :sweat_smile:)

I never had a person actually REVERSE course in one of these posts LOL. You are the first OP.

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Sometime anti-cheat systems can cause a lot of trouble and performance loss for users and special cases even provide vulnerabilities at kernel level and such.

It is just a possibility things will go bad and knowing this is CCP the chances of things going bad are much higher, including they tend not to test things, ignore feedback and even when they listen to feedback implement things badly and not rare not to implement a solution for months or years or ever.

But hey we’ll see how it goes, it is just not the most reassuring thing to happen if they implement some new anti-cheat system especially a third-party one (just look at the third-party chat system and how reliable and seamlessly operating it is).


CCP Quality Coding™ is a thing for a reason.


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You can look at your task manager also to see if the anticheat is running. It should not as that is only for EVE Vanguard.

Also EasyAntiCheat seems to be for FPS games only so… Idk the history of it.

There are lots of games using anticheat, I played quite a few of them. I can only go by my experience and I haven’t had a problem over the years.
I’m no expert though, don’t know how prevalent the issues are.
I take back the “paranoia” and will be watching what happens with CCP and their anticheat.

Why do I suddenly feel that EvE is dying? :sweat_smile:

I went trying updating after reading replies, thank you. My net currently is kinda slow [if you want to be shocked, I’m still on ADSL because of screw-up with providers] (and I haven’t updated since last time I played so the dload amount became a bit bigger than usual), so i’m still finishing it.

Not only. It is used in Armored Core 6 [I wanted to mention it because at least older AC games were the only thingie somewhat close to EvE’s ship fitting] and Dead by Daylight (for example).

Fun fact: I still play Quake 3 as fps of choice.

Usually it’s “fine” for majority. EAC specifically, is very capricious. It gave problems to people with rgb led hardware/drivers, banned alltogether certain mouse/keyboard vendors, was causing BSOD out of nowhere, there were even ironic cases when user has two EAC-using games installed and they conflict with each other so you can’t use both. And don’t forget that some people will just never “accept” such intrusive kernel level tool like it. Still, it’s “industry standard” and popular to use, yeah. Personally I grew up with VAC instead [coz half-life/counter-strike]

In my case, it’s simple though. I’m on outdated win10 build, and I will not get it updated unless I ll buy new PC alltogether (which isnt priority right now due to other IRL stuff like health stuff currently). I have my reasons to leave it this way (mostly because I use too much vintage/outdated/abandoned software myself like 90s 3DCG or music/audio stuff and more fresh windows versions will break them; also I never liked the roadmap of win itself). In the future I’ll either add another hdd with Linux Mint for dual boot, or will get another computer when time comes (considering my current win10 desktop is from 2015 and win7 laptop is from 2011).


Same, I am a former Tf2 vet. Easy 1k + hrs on that game.

Well fly safe. Glad this reached a happy ending. :slight_smile:

(insert generic unity quote here) :sweat_smile:

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