My Votes

I know this is a bit self-indulgent.

I used all 10 votes on both accounts. However, I have chosen only to show the top 3 because they are the ones I consider to have the most potential to represent a diverse and multi-faceted Eve community. CSM is not just about representing your field of gameplay, but being able to connect with everyone no matter what aspect of Eve they enjoy, and also being able to understand and engage with the different types of personalities in the game.

Account 1

  1. Lorelei Lerendi
  2. Dunk Dinkle
  3. The Judge

Account 2

  1. Lorelei Lerendi
  2. The Judge
  3. Dunk Dinkle

Honourable mention

Liz Lizardbreath for spot 4 on both accounts.

Good luck everyone.

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It is beyond me why someone would vote for this traitor waste product.


Voting for the judge means you’re voting for an asshole, who doesn’t give even the slightest shadow of a single lonely ■■■■ about literally anyone but himself. I guess that tells us something about the OP, too.

Glad to hear you voted.

My votes:

Lorelei Ierendi
Mike Azariah
Steve Ronuken
Liz Lizardbreath
Insidious Sainthood
Zap InSpace
Jurius Doctor
Matthew Dust
Manic Velocity

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Nice votes DMC.

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Hi Rivr, you know I appreciate your comments in general.

I’d like to say that I think it takes a lot of guts to do what he did. It proves to me that he is willing to participate in the Eve universe in a way that makes, shapes, and forms alliances, conflict, and ultimately CONTENT.

Isn’t that the most influential aspect? The fact that content exists, whether we like his actions or not, what he did was simply brilliant and deserves applause, because not many of us have the ability to take a leadership role or use our powers in that kind of way which makes and shapes things inside the Eve universe.

I think he deserves our vote, and deserves to represent us on the CSM. We need strong leaders who aren’t afraid of bringing content to the masses, and affecting and shaping our futures.

That’s why I voted for those 3 as my top choices.

But feel free to disagree, I respect all opinions!

I disagree with you because he decidedly aborted actual content for the whole cluster in the delivery room. The content was already out with the head and then he came along with a coat hanger. Besides: Anything CFC related already receives more than enough votes. They do not need even more votes. Any vote not for a CFC candidate is a vote for a better CSM.


What makes you say that?

Isn’t the test of the game our ability to survive against the odds thrown at us?

There was a war on the brink to break free between equal contestants. He killed that. On purpose and with no other goal than to prevent this content from happening.


Since this is a thread about votes, for anyone interested in independent, free thinking representation, here’s a thread from Olmeca Gold on reddit that has some thoughts and Olmeca’s voting:

Worth the read imv.

Interesting read and Olmeca was on my ballot votes, but some of his “independent” choices were far from that. I also felt he failed to support a few candidates that showed through their in game actions their independence and general concern for the entire EVE population.
No doubt about it,though; if Olmeca gets in, prepare for some CSM dustups.

I wonder if everyone knows the full story behind Sort Dragon and SLYCE being expelled by Darkness?

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I voted for some losers who claimed to be all about lowsec but their positions were generic so we are probably looking at future revenge killings if they win :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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