CSM 14 Interviews with Jin'taan

Hello everyone, as you might know, I’ve been serving on the CSM for the past 3 years. I am however, not here to ask for votes to enter a fourth term, as I’ve decided to focus my attention on other areas of my life and in EVE. What I am here to do instead, is to help you make more educated choices upon who to vote for, by interviewing the candidates I personally found interesting.

I will be releasing the interviews two at a time as I finish editing them up. First of all we have @Dunk_Dinkle & @Matterall, who were gracious enough to lend me their time in order to speak on the various things I, as a former CSM member consider important facets of any candidates;

Dunk Dinkle



Good show :slight_smile: Interviews are a good thing.


Thanks for doing this. Anything to put a face/identity to what is behind the avatar is helpfull.Also appreciate that you recorded all interviews before “publishing” them; allowing for equal footing when answering your questions. Going to miss your input on this year’s CSM.


Here we are with two more;


Manic Velocity

And, another pair;

Mike Azariah


Not empty posting.

Olmeca Gold

Jurius Doctor

Final two interviews this year;

Cornak Firefist

Cable Uta

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