My year in Eve video - 404 error

o/ everyone,

I could not find any posts about this issue, so here it is.

Following this link: gets me to a “404 page not found” site.
I tried it in 3 different browsers. Chrome and Microsoft Edge manage to connect me in the correct place for atleast a second before forwarding me to the 404 page again, but Firefox fails completely. I managed to see a glimpse of what it should be: the login and the selection of my characters for the video & etc, but thats not helping.

It seems to work for many people, but it doesnt for quite a lot too. I personally would like to see one of those videos. So are there any solutions maybe? Is CCP trying to fix that?

And ofc happy holidays to all of you! :slight_smile:

I also posted this issue in General Discussion simply to get more visibility on the issue. I have had the same experience on two computers and all browsers. Cache cleared, etc.

Dec 24

Seems like Data-Sniffer and his dataprobe nose downloaded & spread secret info a little too soon! The lesson here is to take note of the InterBus safety displays and stay safe from the mischievous Yoiul Clones this holiday! New year videos go live soon! #MyEVE2020 #tweetfleet

I haven’t received any “your year in Eve” mails yet (and I have a billion accounts), seen banners in the launcher, dev threads, or anything of the sort. Thus, I can only assume you got the link from an old email/post/thread/whatever, and went to the address before CCP had things ready this year.

I haven’t received any notification from CCP about it. Probably isn’t done yet.

Last year was the first time they did it, they posted a Dev Blog just before New Years Eve which listed the requirements for players who qualified to receive an Email with the video link.

The Dev Blog:

Here’s mine from last year:

Mines going to say…

“Congratulations, you logged in 5 times this year!” :roll_eyes:

Ok that would make sense why it doesnt work and why nobody received any notifications regarding that matter. Guess I’ll will have to wait a bit longer. Thank you very much for your help folks!


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