Mysteries of the Eriker Tribe

My father was a dutiful engineer and he like many before him had followed in the footsteps of his forefathers. We were the well known Minmatar Erikers. Our name had become known through the generations as we lay the foundations for many great works. We were often called on by the ruling class to solve public works from planetary watersheds on barren worlds to industrial complexes of the most inhospitable climate. Yet, for all the good works our family alone contributed to the great Minmatar elites - we were never allowed to rise to our own feet and embrace our destiny.

My grandfather took on the role, as did his grandfather before him, of teaching the sole male heir all that had come before. He taught me, as my fathers grandfather taught him. I could not only recite all the generations before me but was being brought to age ascension. This was my right of passage, my initiation into the mysteries of Erikers but more than I knew. As the direct heir of the line, I would learn the secrets my family had hidden deep within their souls.

In my youth, my grandfather told me of the days which would come to pass, marking the rise of the Erikers from under the foot of Minmitar Elite to once again rise to the stars. What they were waiting for had come to pass and I was to become the first Eriker in generations to become a capsuleer.

The story of my life and ascension is all but a whirlwind next to the journey which led me to become the first Eriker capsuleer in generations. My grandfather wisely told me not to reveal to much too soon; yet, the mysteries were set on a path of their own to be unbound from whence they were bound. The secrets will unravel like a coat too long warn under the toil of an oppressive overseer.

I am Radborne Eriker. I am the first Minmitar Eriker to once again rise to the stars. Little by little the truth will shine through dark empty voids to fill the darkest corners of what is hidden. I have come to show the way as the way was shown to me. I have come to reveal the truth as the truth has been revealed to me. I will set you all free.


I have just received a correspondence asking me what I have meant by saying I will set you all free.

I have found my way back to Ammar space. I have found my way back to Tash-Murkon and it is here where I will rebuild my families glory. It is here that I will set the stage to reclaim what was wrongfully taken from my line all those generations ago.

Yet, my line, our line, the line of the Eriker’s will not go backward to the days of old. We will not rely on the enslavement and impoverishment of countless trillions. We will not rest our feet on the heads of slaves to be washed by slaves to be massaged by slaves, to be fed like baby chicks by slaves.

We will set them free and we will die a million times over - building a just empire - an empire forged in the foot steps of mystery passed down generation after generation.

All are welcome to take part in building this new empire. We will rise together - as one - initiated in the mysteries of our tribe as passed down from generation to generation.

Through my rightful lineage. Through my rightful inheritance. We will become brothers and sisters and you will become equals unto me - sharing in the bliss that awaits us all.

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