Mystery Inquest Eros MR-803

Just before downtime I was looking at my spirit skins and In the container is a mystery Inquest Eros MR-803.
I know I didn’t put it here by accident because when I highlight all the skins they are at the bottom. No where near where an implant would be. One of my skins turned into an implant?
Must have been a good one.
Anyone else have something strange like this happen?

Read the patch notes … the broken Proteus skin was converted into the 803.

Well in that case it should have at least been worth a MR-805 don’t ya think?
I knew I was getting hosed on something here.
Is the MR-803 implant a place holder for a Spirit Proteus skin?

So… you’re angry that the free broken thing you got was replaced with a free not broken thing?

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