[N-COM] Nordic Combat Industries - C3 WH - Exploration and Combat focused with a place for anyone. Mail to learn more and set up an interview!

Looking to take on new members to go out into the unknown void of WH space in search of resources and threats. Exploration and PvP based, but I won’t shoehorn my members into playing the game to my expectations. There are sites to run, gas to huff, and ore to mine for those with that preference, but a desire, willingness, and ability to fight are highly encouraged.

A strong desire to contribute, learn, and/or teach are all essential, as well as the ability to both work as a team and independently. Be mature, be respectful, be classy. I want my members to be active and engaging, but your personal life will always come first.

If you’re interested, mail Thayden Reid Nordic and we will begin the interview process before potentially accepting you into the corp, and then the wormhole.

Primarily USTZ, but open to those from other TZs.

Fly Dangerously. Til Valhall!

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