Naga fitting for noobs with low skill points? pve and pvp

Okay, there’s the situation. I’m looking for a fitting for the Naga that I can put together with a few skill points because I have not developed enough yet. You know one that I can recommend? Tkx ver y mucho palos

I wouldn’t recommend flying a Naga with anything short of at least T2 modules. Anything bigger than a cruiser and you start losing ISK really quickly.

If you were planning to use a Naga, while you skill up into T2 modules for it, I’d either use the Moa or even better, the Gila since you’re planning on using it for PvP and PvE. Gila’s are easily one of the best hulls to run ratting missions with and are the preferred hull of choice when it comes to running Abyssal Sites.

Sorry I can’t be much help beyond that.

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EVE Uni suggestion for Alphas:

Pro: A Naga (like Oracle, Tornado, and Talos) has much firepower if you know what you do.
Cons: It has no strong tank and severe problems to hit frigs. You need according skills for the guns.

But if you know how to handle them, they can be fun :slight_smile:
Just remember: Hammer for nails, screwdriver for screws. Vice versa is possible, but an unnecessary effort.

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Many thanks dear as they say in the flights the information is essential ammunition to be able to move forward Thank you for your time and to take into account all the pros and cons And if I will try to fly what really belongs to me :doughnut:

excellent and Knowing all this information What would be the cases in which you would recommend me to fly a Naga?

Well I really liked the fitting of that naga Naga: Uni Alpha T1, some recommendation for its use in which cases it can be used? :shufflefurtherparrot:

There is absolutely no PvP stuff fitted, so I think it’s for Level3 Security missions, kiting. Tracking computers and target painter to hit the quicker ships, mwd to keep range (only one or two cycles to keep your capacitor up).
I’m Gallente and prefer the Talos, it has some space for drones witch can handle the frigs. But the Naga is cool, too. In PvP we use them for huge targets like structures when the defense is already wiped out but you still want to keep range of more than 100 km.

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and the fitting feasible for pvp because I feel that the turrets do not give enough damage or do not have enough certainty when firing in pvp :nerd_face:

Whelp… he has the eagerness thing down. :smiley:

Okay so…

gently pulls Snowlight from the Naga

Lets take a step back from the “shiny” here and go through this step by step.


The Naga, like all Attack Battlecruisers, is the very definition of a “glass cannon” in EVE.

  • High firepower
  • Good range
  • Minimal defense
  • So-so to “okay” speed
  • So-so to terribad damage application.


More than that, ABCs (Attack Battlecruisers) are “hyperspecialized” meaning that they fundamentally lack flexibility in certain areas… namely “Point Defense.”

So Fluffers… I have heard most of this. What else is new? Why are you telling me this?

Well… I tell you this because, as a newbie, losing your ship in a PvP situation is basically a forgone conclusion… and, after your first engagement, you will have the pleasure of watching the flaming remains of your ship being looted in front of you… assuming your escape pod isn’t nuked first.

And battlecruisers are not cheap.
Even with insurance.

Instead… it is better to start from the bottom.
Experiment with frigates and destroyers… fit them, use them, suicide with them.

For a single battlecruiser hull you can have more than 50 cheapo-fit frigates!

And, in a frigate, you have a greater ability to pick and choose what fights you want (or escape if you so wish).


There is a more “grand scheme” reason for using frigates when getting to PvP too.

Understand that all ships in the game have been balanced in such a way that they have strengths and weaknesses against each other.

A Frigate may have much less damage and tanking potential than a battlecruiser… (hell, in the right circumstances a frigate can sometimes be “one-shot” by a battlecruiser)
… but in the right hands, a frigate can potentially get “under the weapons” of a battlecruiser and leave it virtually defenseless. At which point, the frigate can simple grind away the battlecruiser into dust.

Starting out as a Frigate pilot gets you acquainted with these nuances. Especially if you are on a budget.
It allows you to see what ships are strong and weak against other ships.

So my advice?
Shelve the Naga for now.
Grab a Merlin or a Cormorant. See how much trouble you can get into first. :wink:


I just realized that I should note the following: What I have described is from a PvP standpoint. Not a PvE one.

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