Navy Crucifier Weapon Bonuses inverted?

The Crucifier has -85$% penalty on weapon disruptors

Range is reduced to 6000-9000 opt-falloff…
Is it normal?? I thought it should have the effect to make the modules more powerful, not less…

do you think???

The T1 non-navy Crucifier has a 10% Optimal range bonus, so Weapon Disruptors fitted to it gets
a wopping 62-64km opt-falloff…

I was thinking, that the -85% range bonus, was to be applied to the EFFECTIVENESS of the disruptors,
so instead of -32% it would do -59% disruption. That would actually makes sense.
It seems to me that its a penalty this way more than a Bonus…

That’s by design. The effect range is supposed to be severely limited because it is supposed to be a brawler ship. All the navy ewar frigates have the same sub 20km range to their primary ewar. In return, you get a higher effectiveness of the ewar (Cruci and Griffin) or increased range to match the other two (more fixed web and scram range for Vigil and Maulus).



It seems the bonus is a malus in this case.

But yea, the reduced range is intended.

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