Need advice before I report this

So great to see you again D.C. ! I haven’t ever met you in person yet your name was instantaneously recognizable after my 2-year hiatus. :slight_smile:
This is interesting looking at everything that’s changed. Bastion module… damn…

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Like… Tit Bee Tit Cee etc?

(editted because Im pretty fing stupid sometimes)

Ist could be done manually. But it could be broadcasting too. Actually If you dont Report it never will be investigated.

Yes we all know Hawk. He’s very good at what he does, and know he isn’t a bot. He, like Kusion and a few others is just very very fast. Most of these commands you can describe are pretty easily executed with basic fleet commands and grouping, and firing is simply having a good window or hot key set up.

When I run multiple accounts, what I do is employ outsourced labor from a sweatshop in Bangalore. They create alpha accounts, and the sweatshop assigns each account to a day laborer. For seven cents a day, they will join my fleet and do exactly what I say. In order to ensure they click the right stuff, we overlay a stream of my client and they are trained to just mimic my mouse movements and click on whatever I click. Sometimes there is a slight delay, but they offer good service for a fair price.



Not sure if serious or trolling

:rofl: :rofl:

Man thats tame

FYI, not Hawk. But again, I’m not belaboring the point. “I believe you” is hopefully clearly communicated in my previous entries on this thread.

The challenge I see you running into is scaling your operation to meet business demand. You should definitely plan for expansion, but please keep time zones and typical work hours in mind. Ideally, you can get yourself set up with 24x7 operations with proper coverage, but grow deliberately. You should also be thinking about introducing a light layer of management to help with the tactical day-to-day decisions which allows you to stay focused on the forest while your direct reports handle the trees.

I applaud your endeavor and wish you continued success as you expand operations!

Ah, the Goose Flock…ok…

Yeah, a number of players have adopted the “Kusion Technique” and do that sort of thing. No EULA-violating required, just being pre-organized and have fast clicking abilities. Kudos to you for not being all high-NaCL about it.

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Thanks, I appreciate someone noticing. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the laugh!!

Another place that’s in the grasp of the Bandit Princess tyranny.

I have an ancestor buried in Bangalore, he setout to take that land for his Queen long ago but never returned to his fair land, I should visit him one day…

So you could say instead of taking a little piece of India, he became a little piece of India.

Talk about going native.


Most people here have relatives buried in foreign places, the British army buried them where they fell ,so most of the world, sorry gone off topic

Well I mean I live somewhere that was foreign, then wasnt, to the Crown.

Prolly legit. There’s ways of switching windows that are very fast, and he’s only pressing F1 and clicking on each client. I do it with 7 no problem (always makes me smile when someone says they’re reporting me for broadcasting).